Wednesday Walk Challenge - North Beach Durban

lizelle @lizelleMarch 2019 · 3 min read


I love my city Durban and will share a little of the scenic Promenade along our Golden Mile which stretches from Ushaka Marine World on South Beach up past the Suncoast Casino and ending at the Blue Lagoon.
This is very popular with Durbanites and tourists alike for leisurely walks, jogging, cycling, skateboarding and even yoga. With towering world class hotels forming the eastern boundary on one side, mobile coffee shops tempting with gorgeous aromas of freshly ground coffee, vibey cafes and many other stops along for the way for refreshments, as well as many ice cream carts all around, there's something for everyone. Don’t forget to ask for a Bunny Chow when in Durban, a hollowed out half loaf of bread filled with spicy curries really is not to be missed!


Youngsters learning to surf, jumping from one of the piers.

Colorful Rickshaws still operate along the Promenade for those preferring a lazy ride, or there are bikes, go-karts or skateboards for hire for the more adventurous.
Nearby attractions are Ushaka Marine World with its aquarium which is housed inside what looks like a ship, Wet & Wild Waterworld with slides, Dangerous Creatures, Sea Animal Encounters Island, Chimp & Zee and much more.
Durban harbor and Salisbury Island on the Bluff are famous landmarks a little south, with the Moses Mabhida Stadium majestically showing off a little north.
Sand artists, circus entertainers, Mini Town, a Cable car and local artists selling curios all add up to a fabulous holiday atmosphere.



Sadly though the number of beggars seem to be growing, another sign of our economy that's still trying to recover. Soup kitchens and shelters run by NGO's take care of their very basic needs.

Hubby had just undergone two Cataract removals, so we sat and watched the rest of the world go by with 87 year old Mom Lily.

Cataracts - a sign of our Autumn Era perhaps as nowadays when we meet friends the talk often revolves around having bodily parts overhauled, removed or replaced - hip replacements, knee replacements, cataracts, hearing aids, multi-focal spectacles, diabetes, heart by-passes, hypertension, dental work; which pill boxes are the best, etc etc, talk often steer towards health issues! All I need now is a face lift and a tummy tuck and I'll be a brand new doll!


Benefits of being a senior

So for today's Wednesday Walk Challenge run by that wonderful photographer @tattoodjay, us seniors and recovering cataract patient will be watching the people walk by at our favourite spot on Durban's North beach.
I will let the photos speak for themselves, hope you enjoy the sights.












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Bengy @bengyMarch 2019

Sorry to hear about the cataracts... but on the plus side, you have some really nice weather over there! I love the sand sculptures! Nice bright photos to look at whilst we are hunkering down with some crazy strong wind and wet wet wet rain....


Hubby's so chuffed he can see clearly again! Yes it's odd to think we're having hot weather and you're all freezing on the other side of the world!
Thank you for stopping by @bengy!


I can see why that area is so popular so much to see and do and by the sea I would love it there myself :)

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Thank you so much for the tip & this tag @tattoodjay


Most welcome I love seeing the walks from around the world each week



Jonboy @jantonMarch 2019

Howdy lizelle! wow that place sounds like it has everything! that's one of the places a person has to hit if they go to your part of the world!


For sure @janton, it really is a must to get the real vibe of Durban, thank you for your feedback!

Jonboy @jantonMarch 2019

howdy again lizelle! ok well, then that gets put on my itinerary for my trip down there some day, hopefully some day within the next decade!


What a beautiful day to take in all the surroundings <3 Sending best wishes to your husband. I hope he recovers quickly!