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Like most islands, the Maltese archipelago has been exposed to all kinds of colonization and domination. The fate of Malta and Gozo has of course been linked, but some events have affected one island more than the other. Such as the year 1551 with the attack on Gozo by the Turks. The island was completely looted and most of the inhabitants enslaved. After a long period of repopulation, they were then invaded by the French, whom the Gozitans decide to block with a seat. They then became a micro state nation for nearly two years with a provisional government. Lacking supplies, they called for help from the English, who then took on the power in 1800. From this moment, the island of Gozo remained along sidelined by the British administration, especially for major advances such as electricity. As a result of riots and many obstacles, Gozo's political autonomy was restored in 1961. Gozo and its inhabitants had their own personality and identity, and different lifestyles, accents and dialects. Gozo then became a peaceful island, spared by mass tourism, and knows no unemployment or insecurity.

All the roads of Gozo lead to Victoria, capital of the island, also known as Rabat, which remains a small town of 6000 inhabitants. This is where exploration of the island started.
We were lucky enough to witness a part of the Gozo carnival that takes place in February, although it was apparently ruined by the bad weather half of the week. The locals hold very much this carnival at heart, and it is an event that no one there misses.

The Roman Catholic religion has left an huge mark on the island. Today, the overwhelming majority of people on the island of Gozo are Catholic and the numbers of
churches and cathedrals is a good witness of it. In the summer, every parish of
Gozo take turns celebrating the Festa, with street parties, parades of
fanfares and traditions such as the statue worn.

We came across the only winter of the island, so we had more than average weather, and an incredible general calm that sometimes surprised us a lot. I think the locals really hate bad weather, because there was never anyone in the streets before a heavy rain, and it became alive again at the first ray of sunshine.

Here, the easiest way of transportation is the bus. The network is very well thought, and they are extremely punctual. If you want to use this solution, you just have to get organized and have the time because in winter most buses run once an hour outside of Victoria.

In recent days, the sun has returned and turned Gozo and its exploration into a paradise. In summer, the island is much more alive, with almost perfect weather, and becomes a paradise for all marine sports, and for lovers of nature, tranquility and unusual places.
This island is really beautiful, we had a very nice surprise. It is atypical, relaxing and you will be very welcome. This special atmosphere will remain in your memory.
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