It took a while to find time to write this blog, have been very busy lately but as promised here is part 1 of Argentina!


One of the best hiking trails i did in Argentina must have been the one to Fitz Roy. When i arrived at El Chaltén it turned out to be a windy and quiet boring town, not the prettiest, thats for sure.

No problem, i didnt went all the way to El Chaltén for the town itself and trust me ...its a long way! When you are traveling Argentina you will need patience, airplanes are more expensive then for instance Asia and most kilometers you will spend on a bus, sometimes for 2/3 days, depending where you will go ofcourse!

Actually i did manage to find a nice restaurant there, the name is: El Muro, the food was pretty good and they had some excellent wines.
Most of my traveling i do alone and i must say Argentina has been one of my favourite countries according to food and wine. With my bottle of red at night i never really felt alone over there ;-)
Ill write some more about wine from Argentina in a next blog (Mendoza area)

I arrived early that day so i decided to do a short walk to a near waterfall that day, there arent that many people in this area, its very remote and quiet, i loved it!


The walk to the waterfall is very easy, a good warm up for what was coming the next day.
somehow im always looking for waterfalls where ever I go, the power of the water and the fresh breeze that comes from it have someting magical.


The path you follow is mainly flat, in an hour or so you can go to the waterfall and back.


After i had a nice dinner at El Muro i went to bed early, i didnt stay long in El Chalten and i decided to walk all the way up to Fitz Roy and back in one day! Its doable but make sure you have good shoes and are in a good condition!
Also check the weather forecast befor you leave, weather can change very rapidly in these mountains and the nights can be very cold so dont get lost!


You could chose to camp half way, there is a camping area called Campamento Poincenot at the Rio Blance river. If you decide to camp make sure to have warm cloths with you and a good sleepingbag, again, it can be cold at night!


The water from the river is very clean you can drink it. I filled up my bottles there and continued.


During this breath taking walk, you will enjoy beautiful views and stunning nature. It took me a full day going there and back and i think i met maybe 5 or 6 other people....unbelieveble!


The first hours are not so steep, sometimes flat even, not very hard but its important to take it easy and save energy for the last part!


After a couple of hours Fitz Roy glimps between the trees and i was impressed....such a powerful formation!! The 3 peaks are like no other mountain i have ever been to, it was love at first sight!


It felt like Fitz Roy was pulling me towards itself and while i was coming closer the better it got!


The flat area towards the last part of the climb is beautiful, the melting water and the fertile soil provides for all kinds of plants and animals, flora and fauna at its best!


Even Woody Woodpecker was there to say hi to me!


The last part of the climb is pretty steep, lots of big blocks and boulders, so big steps and pretty tiring after a few hours of walking! some icy patches when you approach Laguna Los Tres, the highest view point on Fitz Roy.


But when you finally make it, so much energy will flow back in to your mind and body....what an amazing place to be!!



I had to be creative and use a big rock and the timer on the camera to take a selfie, i was completely alone such an amazing feeling simular to what happened to me at easter Island when i was standing eye to eye with the famous statues.

Some how you think places like this will be crowded with people but no....when you really have to do something to reach beauty like this, your reward comes alone often, without other spectators, its a great bonus!


If you ever go to Argentina, this one must be on your list, try to stay a little longer then I did, im sure there is many nice trails like this.


Hopefully I will have time soon again to write the next blog about Argentina, a country with many things to tell about!

Thank you for reading my blog, if you enjoyed it, please resteem it, thats worth more then an upvote to me, i write blogs to share my adventures not to earn money!