ARGENTINA -TRAVEL BLOG- Part 2 Perito Moreno ice and ice cold!

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· June 2018 · 3 min read · Argentina · #nature

Probably the most impressive glacier i ever witnessed in all my years as a traveler was (and is) Perito Moreno located at Los Glaciares National Park in southwest Santa Cruz Province, part of the famous Patagonia.


I was staying in El calafate for a few days, like most towns down south in Argentina, its a very remote town and most people just go there for the glacier. Not so much else to do!

I was Lucky i met a friendly guy from italy on the bus towards El Calafate and we had a pretty good meal at a restaurant called: La Tablita. The steaks in Argentina are fenomenal and the red wine is very good.

There are some bars some shops but thats about it!


You can book a tour to the glacier if you want to, I decided to use public transport, saved me some money.

Its about 1,5 hour by a shuttle bus and its a beautiful ride! It gave me some time to get rid of the headache i had, like i said the wine tasted really good and i think we ordered one bottle too much!


I wasnt very Lucky with the weather, it can be pretty cold in this part of Argentina and unfortunately it was not a bright Sunny day.
nevertheless it was an amazing view when i first saw the glacier, all i could think was; Omg its so big!

Its actually 30km in length, 5km wide, average of 74 meters high and was named after the explorer Francisco Moreno, a pioneer who studied the region in the 19th century and played a major role in defending the territory of Argentina in the conflict surrounding the international border dispute with Chile.


I took a boat to get closer to it, you could skip doing this also but i did like the different angle you get to take some good pictures!


The colors are so beautiful, it almost looks unreal!



The sound of the falling ice makes it even more exciting, there is a constant sound of splashing water, breaking and falling ice blocks, a never ending story.


On my way back i saw a really nice Rainbow, it looked like it was stuck to the hill in front of me, it was screaming at me to search the pot of gold but i didnt have time for that ;-)


There is also a construction of stairs to get close to the glacier from the land, it gave me the chance to take pictures from the other side also.


Standing much higher then on the boat, it gives you a better image on how big this "thing"is!



On the picture below here you can see what happens every time a big block of ice breaks off and falls in to the water, its like little tsunamis and makes you wonder what happens if an even bigger block falls in to the water!


A place you shouldnt miss in Argentina, i really liked it and i hope you enjoyed reading my blog about it!
Please be so kind to resteem it!

Until the next blog!



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Joe @joetunexJune 2018


This one got my like wow! What a sight to behold, must be breath taking to be out there experiencing and taking those lovely picture in the cold.

Thanks for sharing this with us Lucky!

Thx joe! A very special place indeed, and you are rigth a sight to behold!!
I didnt feel the cold that day, i was too busy looking at this wonder of nature!

thx for your comment!

Joe @joetunexJune 2018

You are welcome Lucky!

such a really need to see, amazing photos and an excellent story, thanks for the emotions received

Thank you for your comment xandrell, Always appreciated!

That's stunning! What are those blue streaks inside the glaciers? Is it light reflection?

Thank you! Its like cracks in the ice and i think less ligth is shining true there so the color is darker was really beautiful! I was a bit Lucky with the ligth also i guess...not all pictures came out like this!

This is really stunning, awesome, beautiful, woooow.

Any other word. I can only thank you for sharing this. This is one beautiful scenery that i will love to see but your images even makes it real to me, like the virtual technology.
Thumbs up man

Thank you so much @tormiwah ! Comments like this inspire me to write more blogs! Please follow me for more travel blogs!!
Enjoy your day!

Just an advice

Try not to use bots next time, bots sometimes can deprive of you people appreciating your works and even sometimes getting huge payouts.
Just an advice though. Keep steeming.

@tormiwah thx for the advice, was just trying to give it some visability, and used the sbd i made with previous posts. But i get your point! :-)


Wow, what a magical place. I love how it's like a big chunk of ice in the middle of a mountain lake. It's gorgeous. Great shots too. By the way, I love how you closed the post with the argentina flag.

Thank you for the kind comment @gabyoraa !
Its one of those places that you will remember for the rest of your life!
Please follow me for more travel stories and pictures, i will do the same...have a great day!

Sure, as long as your content is this good I gladly will. Do you have a webpage or other social media?

:-) Thx again Gabyoraa, I only post on steemit, you can check my previous blogs, im trying to do my best with all my travel posts!

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Always an honor @travelfeed and a boost to keep writing travel blogs! Thank you so much!

You deserved it! Thank you for sharing this amazing place with the community!

Beautiful place and captivating story. Good job. I agree 100% with @joetunex here about the best picture of your post. Gives great perspective about the height of the glacier. Like it's sneaking up on the landside. Sadly it's probably the other way around and, like many other glaciers, actually shrinking.

Ths steef, and believe it or not, its one of the few glaciers in the world thats actually growing! The smart heads in this world are not really sure why, it has probably to do with the depth and temperature of the water plus its location!

Thank you for your comment!!