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Tomorrow is the day ! ! !

Are you excited? Obviously. Despite my resentment towards the overall activities that I will be having, deep down, I am craving for an adventure. This sparks a memory I had about Bali. I lived there from June- August in 2018. It opened up a whole lot of opportunities, experiences and relationship. That journey made me realize of my future and how I wanted it to be. However, this time is different. I am doing this for a duty, an obligation that I can never run away even if I wish. My benefactors, a.k.a my parents(s) who have funded me through my entire university life would be mad. So, I am obliged to finish this. Not to mention, finishing this step will ease my way up through the graduation.

For the past two days, I have been listing of things that I should bring. As someone who traveled quite often in the past, I learned a little bit of tricks on packing which I will share with you. Perhaps, things I do will help you pack when you're going on an adventure As a background, I am a minimalist and I often travel with a medium sized backpack. My packing philosophy is ' If you can buy, don't bring it'.

Without further bla bla bla...

Here's the tips and tricks that I have gathered from my past travel experiences .

  • Know the weather and the terrain of the destination

It's very essential when you're traveling in a new place. You need to ensure about the daily weather and overall terrain in the area. This will help you pack suitable clothing. For instance, If you are traveling to a place where it's always sunny, you might not need a jacket. On the other hand, if you're traveling in a high altitude region, you might not need thin cotton shirts. It's a simple a common sense. Most importantly, remember about trivial items such as umbrella or gloves.

My bag has a hidden storage!

  • Do not bring toiletries

I barely bring toiletries (soap, shampoo and toothpaste) because I can just buy it anywhere. Besides, that will also make my load less heavier. If you're a girl then you might need pads, however I always buy rather than bring it from home. Ofcourse I will make an exception if you're traveling into a deep jungle where there won't be any shops.

  • Learn how to fold like a pro

Folding makes a huge difference. If you're level of folding is still basic, you need to step it up. There are plenty youtube tutorials there on how to fold pants, shirt, and jacket. Watch and practice it.

  • Invest in small pouches

Pouches are good to store items within the same category. I have three pouches where I store my electronics, make up and medicines. This will also help you in staying organized.

  • Bring reusable containers

Since I try to avoid having plastics each time, I am always bringing my medium sized water bottle and my cutlery. I don't want to eat from a one time plastic use. In the past, I used to find myself buying a mug then leave it just like that. However now, I have my own travel mug which also serve as a water glass.

Those are some of the things I learned from my travel experiences and here's what I packed as a female minimalist for my 7 weeks trip.

  • 1 jeans | 1 yoga pants | 1 formal pants | 4 t-shirt | 1 light jacket | 1 formal dress | 1 camisole | 4 pair of socks | 1 pair of hiking sandals 5 underwear | 5 bras | a baseball cap.

Make up

  • lipstick | foundation | small hairbrush | eyelash curler | pressed powder | Q-tip | nail clipper | hair ties.


  • cables | usb | phone | tablet | laptop | minispeaker | earphone |


  • Water bottle | padlocks | small cutlery set | a mug | 3 mini hangers | a mini lunch box.

These items fit into my medium sized bags + my medium backpack. Although often I prefer to travel with only mini laptop backpack and my medium sized bags.

By the way, there is no one-size fits-for all packing. If you're a photographer, you might bring more items than I do. But this can be a roughly guide or idea if you want to travel for 2-7 weeks, perhaps more.


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