Why Do You Travel?

It can be argued that majority of us travel for leisure and seek a new environment after a certain period of time. While it is not wrong traveling for leisure, it might be best explore the reason behind our willingness to deal with travel hassles.

As someone who often travels without much of planning, I can tell that it can be fun but overwhelming at times. It gets exciting when a random good things happen yet it can feel like, it was just an escape from problems in our original place.

I personally always want to stay in a place for an extended period of time. However, the longest I stayed in a different environment was only two months. It was a great experience yet I was not in the right mindset. I didn’t even know why I was traveling or even willing to sit hours just waiting for a goddamn flight.


These days, I thought I lost my mind that time. It was outside of my nature to randomly catch a flight, ended up in someone’s apartment, or even talking to strangers. On a positive note, I learned a lot of life lesson than If I were just sitting in my place reading books. From my past travel, I learned that my next will be with more intention.

I would like to experience a place as if I am an anthropologist. That being said, I would like to better understand different ways of living and what is meaningful for the people. Certainly, my past travels had taught me a lot about it but was too little documented. On another note, I was also too worried about myself than enjoying the whole experience. That’s the reason I don’t have too many memories of my encounters with interesting people.

I am also inspired by people who travel in a place and documented the whole thing chronologically. It can be a great narrative, which I tried to do in the past. So, that’s something I am trying to achieve next.As of now, I decided instead of traveling randomly, I will make plans so I can get a better experience about the new environment. I would love to do it again as soon as several of my burdens are lifted from my shoulders.

To sum it up, my past travel had taught me to find the reason of why and how I should travel. It became a little bit more clear after I reflected what went wrong with my past travels.

Here are some stunning places I have been to and I want to experience it all over again :

Wandering Tales in Pictures

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Stunning temple overlooking the ocean.

A sunny day

A sunny day.


Summer please come soon.


Can't wait for it !


Another stunning architecture piece.

City Lights

Take me back here.

Busy Bazaar

Abundance of cheap vegetables, yes please!

Effortless Nature

It's always beautiful out there.

Confused !

Who are these people?

Back to School

See you later.


Does it even exist?


it was pretty scary sliding from up there.

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