I have been to Baguio City many times as I pass by the city when I go to our home province. I have passed by the F. Calderon Street many times too but haven't noticed the street art until I passed by one early morning when the stores are still closed.

From the corner of Diego Silang and F. Calderon streets towards Session Road, the right side of Calderon Street is an array of market stalls. The stores have roller shutter doors so no one may think by default that those can be art canvasses.

Walk with me and let's see what the stores have to offer even if those are closed.

From the right-most stall is this geek. I can not figure the face but he looks familiar. Who's he,again?

Old man.jpg

Here is a wider view of the right side. With my angle, I can not cover the whole stretch of the stores up to the corner of Session Road so I will do it with what the camera can catch.


Here is an overview of the streets that I am referring towards Session Road.


I wondered why a dolphin suddenly followed a geek that made me wonder how the paintings were arranged per store. Did the store owners choose their won designs on their respective doors? Maybe I will ask next time I pass by the street.


For comparison purposes, I went back to the area at a later time when the stores are just opening so there are not much people yet.

Here's starting from the right side again. It is a store of dry goods which are surplus and second hand.


Aside from being the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City is also dubbed as the City of Pines because it is where many pine trees can be found in the country. (Though, I also saw pine trees in Tagaytay.) The city was called Summer Capital due to its cool temperature from 16 - 25 degrees centigrade even during summer. This is due to its high altitude at 1470 meters above sea level.

City of pines.jpg

Here is another version of the opened stores as we continue walking through the street. We have shoes and bags which are new items this time, not second hand like those in the clothes section at the beginning of the store lines.


I can't figure out that black thing in front of the lady. Tin of black ink? Whatever it is, I love the rose! 😊

Lady rose.jpg

This one is a portray of an Igorota wearing the hand woven skirt and having the tattoos on her hand. "Igorota" is the term referring to females of the Igorots who are the natives of Cordillera region wherein Baguio City is a part of. There are many groups of Igorots like Kankana-ey, Ibaloi, Kiangan, and... I forgot the others. 😊


Here is another open store having assorted dry goods. I did not get closer but from the looks of the displays, I think the items are also second hands.


Whoever painted this really claimed his or her hometown, "Taga-Baguio!" from Baguio. How about that bulldog carrying his radio? What's the name of the dog We gotta ask Charlon.

Taga Baguio.jpg

Here is a combination of Christian and tourism painting. "Jesus Christ is the Lord of this City." That goes with the Baguio Cathedral or the Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral towering from a hill over Session Road and is just short walking distance from this spot.

How about tourism? That strawberry is a product from La Trinidad which is a municipality right next to Baguio City when you go farther north of the region. The strawberry farm is just about six kilometers from the city proper. Get hung with strawberries? I honestly thought at first that the strawberry on the painting was a red snail. πŸ˜ƒ


Here now is the end of the street market painting along F. Calderon St. By this time we are standing at the corner of F. Calderon St. and Session Road.


And here is how the end store looks like when open. They have different accessories for ladies and a few for men.


Just in case you are wondering why I do not have a landscape shot of the stores, that is because I can not. In front of the stores is a parallel parking lot so any attempt to have a portrait shot will give you a line of cars! πŸ˜ƒ


I never knew about these hidden gem along one of the busy street markets of Baguio City. Since these are on sliding doors, these will be noticed only when the stores are closed - when there are not much people to appreciate them. Either way, I am glad to have discovered such beautiful street art.

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