Re: 2018 - A Year on The Road, trying to Find a Home

Wow! You really lived the year on the road. That must be one great adventure to remember in a lifetime. I am amazed by the energy and enthusiasm that you have, specially with the boy tagging along.

While your road trips sound so amazing, it is also lovely to think about your plan being back in Denmark. May your dream eco-village comes true. I can only imagine the serenity and freshness of being one with nature. Good luck on your project!


Thank you!
Yes it has been really amazing living on the road, but I just missed roots so deeply after so many years! But I probably (and hopefully!) can't skip travel completely ;D


Yeah, I think it is better to be stable somehow but traveling once in a while will definitely be great for diversity. I myself long for seeing new places once in a while. 😊