«All you need is love». Then, in the 60s, this song blew up all the world charts. The musicians of this legendary four from Liverpool sang about freedom, equality, a world without violence and, of course, about love. They have gained popularity for many years because these simple truths are close to all. Therefore, the army of their fans is not reduced to this day.

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A song by the Beatles written by John Lennon and featuring Paul McCartney. For the first time it was performed on the first in the history of television global show "Our world", which was broadcast in 26 countries. Wikipedia

In St. Petersburg, too, there are loyal fans of this group. But not everyone knows that we have a unique street, which is named after the main British dreamer – John Lennon.

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This street is not on the city map because it is fictional, but you will find it in reality because it is located in one of the courtyards in the Central part of the city. It has a real plate with the name above which hangs a sign with an arrow pointing to the sky. Maybe it's "Above us only sky" from the cult song " Imagine"

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... the author presented his views on what the world should be like. Lennon stated that the song"is essentially a Communist Manifesto, although he is not a Communist and does not belong to any political movement." Wikipedia

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This street in St. Petersburg appeared thanks to the efforts of a man who was not just a passionate fan of the legendary group. He is the leader of the Russian movement of fans of the group "the Beatles". I also know the fact that this man - Nikolai Vasin - is the only person in Russia who has an album of John Lennon with his original autograph. He wrote a letter to his idol and in response received a gift album with an autograph of the musician.

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The city administration did not appreciate the desire and request of the leader of the fan movement to rename one of the streets of the city. Then he decided to organize a street in his yard and hung a sign with the name on the wall of his house.


This idea was picked up by the movement of Beatles fans. And as a result of joint efforts over the arch there was a bas-relief of persons of the well-known four; on the next wall the yellow submarine was drawn.

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Also here was opened the Temple of Love, Peace and Music named after John Lennon. It contains several hundred thematic books, as well as many unique records, such as the Golden album "Imagine".

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This art space hosts various theme festivals and concerts in honor of the memorable dates of this favorite music group. In addition, anyone can visit this temple-Museum.

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Here is such a unusual story. This street is both absent and exists at the same time. That's the way in the center of our city there was a portal to the world of fans of the legendary group.

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Location: St. Petersburg, Russia. Pushkinskaya street, house 10

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