Good Morning Wonderful Steem Community,

How are you all? I know you're spending enjoyable days with looking SF4. Today I'm sharing another unforgettable journey where I traveled very cool place name called Horton Plains. Horton Plains National Park is a protected area of ​​the central highlands of Sri Lanka, covered with montane grasslands and cloud forests. The plateau is rich in biodiversity and most of the species found here are endemic to the region. The area was declared a national park in 1988.


It's down side of the road. You can see in front of the green land has mountain. We have to go there.


From Pattipola to Idalgashinna, the railway crosses the Horton Plains border. The distance between these two stations is 16 km and the train takes 30-35 minutes to reach this distance. There are eighteen bungalows between the two stations, and the bungalow number 18 is unique. There are distinct differences in the ecosystem on both sides, as the wet zone and the dry zone of the central highlands fall across the boundary wall. This section is also the highest point on a train in Sri Lanka.


During our trip, I caught a very special cultivation pattern. At first glance, it is a large plantation of small nurseries. These style very close to chocolate designs inside of the packet. This area very deserve to every vegetables and fruits cultivation.



Another giant in the Bogawantalawa area on the Hatton-Balangoda road is this Green Mountain. Situated at an elevation of 1940m above sea level, this mountain range is truly a paradise filled with greenery. The Green Mountain is another mountain that is located on the top of a mountain. Because there are several mountain ranges in the plains where the NLDB farm is located, including the rock bowl. This can be called a wet pad. There had wind malls lot. Absolutely such a cool location.


Still our journey we could see tail cocks. They pretty beautiful with colorful feathers. Sri Lanka was named the National Bird of the Year in 1986 and is a native endemic to Sri Lanka. Though the pronunciation is a tiger, the real name is a wild chicken. On the top of the head is a yellow spots on the red caramel. The reddish-brown spots are bright brown, and the tail is blackish-blue. They spend the night on trees and lay two or four eggs at a time on the ground or in a nest.


Bopattalawa is another great creation of Mother Nature. There is no injustice in calling a green valley a paradise, with a few hills, gorges, and a beautiful road with water.



We were luck to see horn sacks there. One of sack faced to our photo shoot. Lol Due to its richness of manure and grass, the NLDB is a major food source for cows and cows in the Horton Plains. Because of the presence of sacks, leopards are also common in this area.


While it is not possible to get a clear view during a rainy season, we could see the fog from time to time, if the weather is good, we can get a beautiful view of the mountains, such as the syrup, the Agra Boppas.

Everyone who travels here is told to be a responsible traveler. Bring everything you bring. Always remember that nature is our life. Imagine that you are part of nature and that nature is not a part of you. There is no one else to save this small island.

Thanks for reading and watching. Have a great day.