Hello everyone, Welcome to today's my travel blog. I previously wrote Sri Lanka has various beautiful places in whole island. I'm living in nearest coastal area. So beach is my familiar thing to my life. In fact I'm really like to travel, walk middle part of Sri Lanka. It mean I like to hike / climb mountain and prefer to watch waterfalls etc. The middle part of Sri Lanka has really beautiful places with surrounded tea estates. So I'm going to share my past memory where I traveled Bogawantalawa village.

Bogawantalawa very close to the Hatton town. There are more rain falling each years. Sometimes Bogawantalawa being very dangerous area to living under the huge raining because landslides and soil erosion can be happen those times. But I see various beauty than behind risk situation of this village.

This tea land owned by private plantation company. So we couldn't walk so far distance without prior approval of them. But had chance to go few distance because we were travelers (visitors) that moment. Fresh beauty, with its yellow and green color, was designed in nature.

We continued walked that path. It appeared that the Tea Company factory was located a little further away. Some large trees were also seen among the tea trees. This is a strategy that has been in place since time immemorial. If you look at the whole landscape, you see that this tea factory has got a lot of land.

We all came out of the tea estate. As you can see in the photo above you have to be very careful when driving through this area. As a result of the landslide across the road, the tar on the road has been stripped and it has been damaged. A little further up you can see a pine forest.

Below the mountain we saw a very beautiful landscape. Although the sky was heavy with black clouds, intense sunlight rained down the mountain. From this place, you can see all the picturesque views of the surrounding villages, tea estates, forests and mountains.

These photos can only be taken after climbing a mountain or when we are on some top. But this is not my climbing experience. This photo was taken after a certain section of the highway. The rock in front of it resembles the Sigiriya, but now I don't know if it is the Sigiriya itself. However, I made it clear that it was not Sigiriya because Sigiriya was not located in that area. But I don't know how to refer to the peaks above. All I can say is about its beauty.

There was strongest and highest trees. Whole area was very cool from fog. Exactly that was really enjoyable journey. Our group really happiness that moment. Bogawantalawa has most lovely green mountain. I already posted it. So Thanks for reading.