Hello Wonderful Steem Community,

I came here with another great hiking adventure. Needless to say, Matale is a place of ecological beauty. Everyone who goes to Matale vacation goes to Riverston. This is a place where many people go to Riverston and miss the environment.
Everyone on the Riverston has seen this big rock called Manigala.


We came to the down side firstly before climb Manigala rock. There was biggest paddy field range. The beauty of the place is that it does not look down but you can see the beauty upwards.


If you go to Manigala, you will have to walk past some villages named Mahalakotuwa, Raththinda and Atanwala. Passing through the village of Mahalottuwa you will find Thelgamu Oya. The village of Attanwala is the culmination of the human settlements we see in front of Mount Manigala. Then there's the lonely jungle.

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On the way to the mountain, we saw a small shed of straw covered with straw. The people of this area are from paddy cultivation.


For those of you who are traveling by nature, the Mount of Manigala is surely one of the most memorable places. The Manigala mountain forms the road from Rattota, Matale to Riveston and the Knuckles passes through the mountains. You have to climb 6,000 feet in height and you have to walk through the village. The main purpose of the tourists passing through the vicinity of the Veda Panna Ella and Attanwala is to see the Thelgamu Oya, which is surrounded by fog.


We were keep climbed continuously without take short rest. But we climbed slowly under the bunches of the plants and vines. Weather was very good for our adventure. The sun gave big light to us for achieve our big dream.


On the way, we washed our faces with a small stream of water, removed the sweat and returned to freshness. I believe that was resource of some tank or water fall. But didn't know anything about it.


Actually, this is not a mountain. A mountain. There is another, one climbing to the top of the mountain.



This is a beautiful place with beautiful water springs and is located in the forest of Manigala, which is silently worshiping the sky in the central of Sri Lanka.


How this rock got its name 'Manigala' is a wonderful story. The Tamil workers who worked in the past of the Riversten estate know from today's Manigala stone. The natural opening, like a rectangular box in the rock, falls directly into the sunlight at 4.30 pm. The workers look at the shadow of it. Time in Tamil is called "mani". The stone that says “time” has become Manigala.



I found beautiful wild flowers from every hiking or travel journeys. Above two types of flowers attracted me lot so I never missed chance to captured it. Both two plants highly growing our country without difficult.



When you get to the hill of Manigala, you can see a large meadow. It's about 10 acres. Large trees are not suitable for growing because of the soil layer, which is several inches above the rock. Plants such as caromba and heenbovitia are widespread.


This is a king of spiders. See how the net is used to catch spider prey. Actually beautiful style created from the spiders.



Above the Manigala, the mountain ring consists of the main mountain range from Pathanagala, Bataanduwa, Kapolla, Kirimetiya Kanda, Yakunnegala to Gombaniya from Knuckles to Udadumbara.


The Karagahatenna area is visible from the northwest and the Sigiriya region of Dambulu which is a plain in the north. On the south side are mountains such as Gombania, Knuckles and Kirigalpotta.



That's not a drone camera captures. It was taken since top of the mountain. At first glance it is the paddy fields of Atanwala and Raththinda areas. I captured both areas clearly. Look at them and watch how's beauty there.


Manigala is truly a beautiful place. Not only is it a great place to look around and enjoy the beauty of the environment.



The beautiful mountain range, which lies to the south of Dambulla, and to the northeast of the city, is also known as the Mingu Mountain.


I hope this will be a wonderful experience for all those who love the environment. And kindly request that you do not contaminate this beautiful environment with plastic and polythene. Thanks for visiting. See you in next.