Hello My Fellow Travelers,

Welcome back to my travel blog. Yesterday I have posted the exploration journey of beautiful waterfall where we saw Jodu (couple) falls. It's most fabulous waterfall in Sri Lanka. If you went Knuckles forest, you already knew there are so beautiful waterfalls falling from top of the mountains. If you have passion to watch them you can travel there with some hard effort. We looked three waterfalls where we visit Bambarella. I already wrote how other tourist will visit this via name of the roads. So no need to worry to find roads. But after entered to the forest, all responsibilities on your hand or find experience guide. This time I want to show you other both waterfalls.

It's Huluganga Falls. I'm writing about how to get back to Diwali. Bambarella can be reached via Kandy-Katugastota-Wattegama. Bambarella is located 28 km from Wattegama town. The Bambarella is becoming an extremity. Huluganga has created some amazing creations near this area. This can be seen from the main road. Top of the waterfall some buildings built already. You can very easily see Huluganga falls nearest of the main road.

We could down from the top since main road. Without going to the down side I couldn't show you perfect scenery to you. I don't want to failed that moment because I fulfilled my energy. The sun light gave brightness light to water flows. So water waves more faster fallen to the hell.

Not big forest covered by Huluganga falls. Also not difficult to find. If you don't know Dumbara is really an invaluable resource in Sri Lanka. Located in the central highlands, you can see very specific climate patterns in this area.

You can look how easy to watch Huluganga falls since safety location than other falls in Sri Lanka. You don't need to keep risk if you watch Huluganga falls since above place. After watch beautiful scenery and took some captures we leaved from Huluganga falls. Bye bye.... What's the next???

We go ahead on the foot road among the tea estates. Do you see highest mountain placed in front of you. I had one problem. How we'll hike those mountain without necessities and skills. Everywhere greenery.

After few minutes walking we could seek one branches of the Lebanon falls. It located in Lebanon estates. There were water fall very speedy from one side. Cool climate offered us cool water. Sure we drunk it only few.

The water was clear. But climb mountain through above stone so risky. So immediate journey now won't successful. So you can enjoy much better with bathe and swimming.

Wow...such a fabulous scenery created from the sky and other properties. The water flows came from top to the down. Above image has tremendous water flowing. The region receives heavy rainfall from the southwest monsoon. Reeds, shrubs and lichen trees are common in this climate. Thanks for reading. See you later.