Hello My Fellow Travelers,

Welcome to my travel blog after few days. Last week was very tired and busy week from my professional works. So I missed to dedicated my more time on this community. So this time I'm going to share my previous travel memory where I went second time on Mihintale Sri Lanka. Mihintale is a one of oldest and historical village located in nearest Anuradhapura town. Mihintale has different valuable places we must need to watch in our life time.

You can take imagine where you want to see with images. But only wrote Sinhala language. So foreign tourists must need to ask about it from local people. As a Sri Lankan Buddhist, the religious and historical significance of the Mihintale sacred area is unknown. Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka at the historical Mihintale with the arrival of the Arahant Mahinda Thero. As such, Mihintale is at a critical juncture in the history of Buddhism.

After came this place you can see such a wonderful landscape. It is important to pay homage to Mihintale once and for all. There are many archaeological ruins to see. The Mihintale Dagoba built by King Mahadika Mahanaga is considered to be the largest dagoba on the rock. The Dagoba, which is visible even to the sacred city of Anuradhapura, is an identifiable symbol of Mihintale.

It's shined from pure white color. Actually really mindfulness moment I spent on the Mihintale.

From Anuradhapura, you can come to Mihintale after twelve kilo meters on the Anuradhapura-Trincomalee road.

It's Mihindu dagoba. The Mihindu Dagoba is situated to the west of the main Dagoba. It is thought to have been made around the 2nd century. The Mihindu Dagaba is one of the earliest dagobas in Sri Lanka. It is said that a part of the ashes of the Arahant Mahinda thero has been buried. Some similar characteristics with India here.

There is a huge Buddha statue in this upper courtyard. Very calm mood on Buddha's face. The artist created it perfectly. The peaceful hand sign also.

Steel safety fence there for protection of the people who come to Mihintale. The inscriptions are inscribed on the caves and the names of the monks who sacrificed the caves.

Two of the most iconic gateways in the country are located near the Rajagiri cave in Mihintale. It is believed that these door images were made in Sri Lanka from the very beginning.

This was the Dana Hall at the time. The Dana Hall on the left of the main entrance to the central courtyard of the Mihintale is situated with a courtyard. The water for the Dana Hall was probably from the Naga pond at the top.

It was amazed to see the pond on the stones. But those days our irrigation industry was in top of the place. So this pond built for necessary needs.

It is easy to climb to the top of the rocky staircase. But once in a while there is strong winds. There are some other slippery areas. When Mihintale is mentioned, tourists will suddenly come to mind the mountain. The view from the top of the rock is spectacular. On one side the dagoba of the Mihintale shines brightly. On the other side, when you see the distant cliff, you get lost in Mihintale. So thanks for reading. See you again.