Hello everyone, Welcome to my today's travel blog. Yesterday I couldn't shared any travel experience with you after long time. I continued my series as well. Rakwana is a most beautiful and foggy city surrounded by mountain ranges. Whole area can covered by forests, hills, trees and beautiful waterfalls. If you prefer to seek beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka, Rakwana is a perfect city for find various waterfalls since different places. Today I'm going to sharing with you about Galdola falls.

Now you can take imagine how Rakwana located with beautiful landscape. I could see very clearly front small hill with tea plantation. But you can see biggest mountain range placed behind tea plantation with fog. I hadn't any idea what's the name of that mountain range. But I thought it was Rakwana mountain range.

Visitors to the town of Rakwana will see a waterfall that looks far from white. This is the Galdola falls. This was seen only after we had crossed the Rakwana - Deniyaya road about 2 1/2 miles. It is known as Kandekumbura. You have only want to go 2.5 km since Rakwana town for visit Galdola falls. We prefer to close there.

Our vehicle reached very speedy where the entrance we need to climbed up. I found there was various species trees and plants. Seemed low water level in Galdola falls. We were happy to see it because we had chance to close Galdola falls without extra risk.

After getting off our vehicle and hiking for about another mile, we can access this falls. Our foot tour started as usual. I need to captured how water flows fall down side.

Oh no...That was not difficult task for reach nearest place. I thought it was hard walk among stones. But I got only little effort. My one of friend followed me because he's nice photographer like me...

Oh my....Such a marvelous view since down of the waterfall. Fortunately water level so low. So we could stayed here. If water level so high we couldn't hold our camera since below. We had to nice walk like hiking.

Look at this guys. What a beautiful sight of the falls falling on the rocks and not flowing at once. It is 30 to 40 feet high. We climbed through footpath who were find it previous time. They also skillful waterfall hunters.

Galdola Falls originates from the Sinharaja forest. Near the Kandekkumbura village, the gardens of the Darli estate are gazing down at the gorge and flowing down the river to the Rakwana River. In my lifetime I went over times to Sinharaja rain forest. But It was from Deniyaya side. But this part another area covered by Rakwana.

These stones was very slippery. So I decided to took photo clicks since safety place. Now we came to some highest area of Galdola falls. So our protection must needed to satisfy every journeys. Small damages can be every journeys. But don't have hopes about biggest damage to our team or other teams.

Look at how beautiful landscape created from Galdola falls and nearest environment. We could easily found Galdola falls. But always appreciated villagers instructions. Village peoples really friendly and kindness. They always warmly welcomed us and others. So without their support we couldn't share any glorious travel memories. If you have hope to reach Sri Lanka, Rakwana is one of beautiful place for hunt waterfalls. Galdola falls is one of I recommend. Thanks for visiting. See you again.