Hello everyone, Welcome to my today's travel blog. I'm living very nearest coastal area. So I haven't any wonder about beaches. But beaches giving attractive looks to many nature lovers. Few months ago I went down south in Sri Lanka and I went traditional and historical village name called Dewinuwara. Dewi means god from our native language. So Dewinuwara very familiar to the religion. Therefore, Dewinuwara is derived as the City of the Gods.

The village of Dewinuwara is located at a distance of about 5 km from the Matara town. So anyone can use Colombo - Tangalle route number 32 for reach here only from one bus since capital of Sri Lanka. If someone come from southern expressway, they can connect with main road after pass 03 km since out of highway.

We started walk through walking area. We could see highest lighthouse there. It's Dewinuwara lighthouse who were built by Sir James Nicholas Douglas. I read it in my school age. Dewinuwara Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Sri Lanka, located on the tip of the Dewinuwara near the southern point of Sri Lanka. The Dewinuwara lighthouse is operated and maintained by the SLPA.

Slowly we reach to entrance of this light house. Beach areas very deserve for coconut cultivation. So we can see highest coconut trees. The sea waves loudly made noises with massive winds. So we hadn't any hot feelings that moment.

Look at this. Dewinuwara has more value because this highest lighthouse. The lighthouse is 161 feet high and has seven floors. The Dewinuwara point lighthouse is one of the four international lighthouses in Sri Lanka. We have all heard that a light house is a place for ships.

>*The Lighthouse at Dewinuwara was built by Sir James Nicholas Douglas and the construction work was started in November 1887 by William Douglas of imperial lighthouse Service. All building materials, including bricks and steel, were imported from England. The stone quarry was sourced from stone quarries in Dalbity, Scotland and Penryn, Cornwall.*

After watched around of the lighthouse we came to beach in Dewinuwara. Very good color combination on the sky and ocean. Everywhere seemed blue color with some white waves.

There was not a oppressive ocean when we visited there. Dewinuwara Point is the end of Sri Lanka. On the one hand it could be called the southern end of not only Sri Lanka but also Asia. Because we won't find land again until we get to the south pole.

We found that this beach is a great place to do snorkeling and scuba diving. Natural Sea Clamps are also popular here.There was some small stones with nice style.

Dewinuwara is a fishery based village. Some of fishermen go to ocean at evening time and they will come to land next day. Both fishermen used traditional tactic for catch fish harvest. The light currents located at the Dewinuwara lighthouse provide a great service for ships in the high seas as well as fishermen engaged in fishing at night. I wrote about traditional fishery tactics here previously. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.