Hello everyone, I came here with share another great adventure where I visited Haputale pilkington point. Our group was able to reach Haputale by night mail train from Badulla with a group of my dear friends and reach Beragala in the morning. In the morning the journey from Haputale to Beragala with the spectacular view of the sunrise was spectacular.

From Beragala, we crossed the Koslanda by bus from Wellawaya, crossed the Diyalama in the direction of the Poonagala mountain, and reached the top of the mountain in about an hour. Winds were seen almost everywhere.

Around the scenery so awesome. Trees, houses, villages, mountain ranges nicely shown to us than camera eye. Peoples living there with doing tea plantation and very similar industries like it. Their actions very hard but spend simple life.

The mild weather conditions in the Poonagala upper zone are a great catalyst to attract tourists. It is a paradise for campsites. As a local tourist, we feel that camping is a must.

Located at the end of the Poonagala Range, the peak of the Ella Gala mountain is a breathtaking panoramic view overlooking the hilltop overlooking the Nigala Peak in the middle of the pine forest. The climb, which is nearly 500 feet high, takes about an hour and a half, but the entire journey is more than 3 kilometers.

Still our journey, I found beautiful purple coloring wild flowers grown side of the road. I quickly stopped that place and captured it from my cam. If we see beautiful flowers from our journeys, that was absolutely stunning moments.

I looked temporary naturalize hall built from villagers for take rest who're climb pilkington point. I saw more local tourists went there from motor bikes. These road very deserve for motor bike ride. Some villagers said over 200 bike came there every single day. But must need to be safe for bike ride because some places was risky for ride.

Look at above image. That was absolutely risky ride on the road top of the mountain range. For our country, drivers must need to ride from left side of the road. But above motor bike driver ride from right side because left side risky journey. Keep 20 Kmph level very enough for that moments. If not you and your bike will go to the hell. Also be careful of slippery days.

Going further, we found a house that could be presumed to be the estate superintendent's. The garden was nicely maintained. The plants cut only one level there. That's similar style of the tea plant's cutting.

I didn't know what's the name of above plant. But plant's leaves had very attractive color. Some leaves had natural green color. More leaves had red color like as winter season of Europe.

Now you can see outstanding landscape from this image. I felt I stayed the divine world. The traveler should also take heed of the area where there is a sudden change of weather. Rain in the upper zone of Poonagala changes dramatically. Maximum of trips can be obtained under normal weather conditions. However, it is better to take care of yourself.

To be exact, the top of the hill at Poonagala is a beautiful starting point that no other region in Sri Lanka can create. No one can describe the beautiful scenery created with the passage of natural rock and flowing streams. Its mystery is a sight to behold.

Villagers said that many tourists flock to this place due to the highly aesthetic ecosystem of the upper Poonagala mountain range. Given its historical background, they told us a story from the legend.

Accordingly, in the past, a low-country prince had married a younger girl than he was, at the will of the generation. The prince decides to flee to the upcountry with the woman because of his countrymen. On the way we come across a steep slope to cross the Poonagala Range. The prince climbs the first slope and sends a long vale to pass over the woman. But on the way, the woman falls to the sand and falls. Unable to bear the grief, the prince descends from it and commits suicide. But that is just a fictional story for me.

Pilkinton Point, which has recently become a camping paradise, becomes a secluded village for long weekends. Because so many tourists come here to camp. It is best to skip a long weekend and enjoy the beauty of the place.

We have spent most of the day in mild weather conditions. The scenery was vivid. That experience should go right to Pilkinton Point. All of us were careful to restrict Pilkinton Point memories to only photos and videotapes. Finally, let me give you the usual message. It is the duty of all lovers of the environment to abstain from polythene, plastic abuse, and travel without the use of alcohol or drugs. Thanks for reading.