Hello Travelers,

Welcome back to my today's travel blog. I previously wrote about Sri Lanka has many beautiful waterfalls and different bio diversity located. Today I'm going to share another beautiful waterfall name called *Surathali falls* located very close Belihuloya. It's a great place to hang out and eat and stay. It is a great experience to stop and enjoy the beauty of the place while you are away.

If a person crosses Belihuloya on the Colombo Badulla road, he or she is aware of this waterfall. This is because it is very close to the main road. This is the last waterfall we encounter in the Ratnapura district. There is a bulletin board on the main road. It's easy to find. We too got along without much thought.

It's only 50 meters from the main road. It's not that hard to find. The water can go down the road as well as through the water. The green trees surrounded from the waterfall. The sunlight gave big shine to the land.

The water flows fallen down among big stone. You can see amaze of this location. This beautiful waterfall, which is 60 meters in height, collapses into a rock and then falls down into two parts.

The villager said if the rainy season there, the massive water flows came from the top of the stone mountain. We were fortunate to look better water level there. The waterfall is about 2 meters in width. The film is named after the popular movie Surathali, which is popularly known as "Surathali falls".

The waterfall is close to the Colombo-Badulla main road and the upper part of the road can be seen from the road. This waterfall flows through an angle shaped rock.

Isolated and flowing in a very peaceful and serene location, this waterfall is fed by the Kadawatha Oya, which starts from the Horton Plains and the Ellamana Mountains. The forest reserve here is the right to the butterfly site. Local tourists come to see the place but foreign tourists are not aware of it. If the falls are used only to enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls, it will be visible to future generations as well. Thanks for reading. See you next.