Hello everyone, Today I decided to share most beautiful stream where I traveled Matale district in the past. Thelgamuwa stream is famous as the main stream which feeds the Moragahakanda reservoir across the Ilukkumbura and spreads over the Knuckles Range into a large river, beginning at the foot of the Kirigalpotta Mountains in the Dumbara Valley.

There are plenty of places to bathe as you walk upstream. This beautiful environment is also being polluted by the misbehavior of a person. This place perfect for the kids.

There are plenty of stones. That's perfect for sitting down.

There are big trees gave nice shades to us. Me and other friend walked forward for caught impressive captures without stayed same place. You all know, I love to the nature most and never missed to visit beautiful places in my country.

As a climatic zone, the Dumbara Valley is characterized by arid wet zone and Mediterranean climate. It is characterized by sudden rains and the greenness of the trees. Considered a minor export crop, cardamom grows well

As you proceed along the path, you can see the speed of the attack. I like to bathe in the sea but I don't like to bathe in the stream or rivers. The depth of the water in the tanks is inconceivable.

Thelgamu Oya is a beautiful environment and the 25km of the Olukkumbura Oya joins the Moragahakanda Reservoir through the Kabarawa and is fed by the Atanwala, Patana, Kalu river and springs.

If you're like to be relaxation somewhere I recommend nearest background of Thelgamu steam perfect place to your choice. You can feel it through my photography collection. Also you can understand how coll winds created from the big trees.

The 25km stretch of the Thelgamu Oya has become very popular among local and foreign tourists. The Dumbara Forest, which is now home to the Dumbara Forest, has seen a large number of tourists flocking to it.

Environmentalists and government agencies are keen on protecting the eco-system from the construction of tourist hotels, but most of all, it is our responsibility to care for ourselves.

It is sad to see that there are many people from all over the island who use the beauty of the beautiful Telgamu Oya but the authorities are not guiding them on the proper and unsuitable places to bathe. Villagers said that this resulted in a large number of young lives being lost.

People who visit the area and bathe in the lake are also accustomed to drinking heavily.

The change in the environment as you go along the road is also significant. The foliage is also thick. The plants are thus adapted to the frequent severe blows.

Thelgamuwa Oya Knuckles is a famous bathing place. But one place is dangerous. When you reach the pool, there is no upside. It's being sent under a rock. After listen those stories from the villagers I was scared to swim in the stream. I think that's a dangerous place.

This beautiful environment is rapidly changing due to adverse human activity. This is further confirmed by the seizure of the human lives of Thelgamu stream which have flowed in silence so far. Finally I want to tell similar thing. If someone go there do not put polythene and plastic into the environment. Thanks for visiting. See you again.