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Saïdia, Start from here
Many will tell you that before embarking on the big ocean with a new boat, it is better to get experience with the boat in known waters. The Mediterranean sea for example. Be certain that those who would tell you that do not know the Mediterranean...

I was born in the Mediterranean Basin and I have a little bit of passive in my experience of traveling at sea. But the Mediterranean, my friends... it could be the one-word definition of the term "whimsical" in the universal encyclopaedia, (RIP!). A sea confined between several mountains, a link between the Sahara and the high altitudes of Europe, compressed between the Strait of Gibraltar and the strangulation between Sicily and Tunisia, so, an angry, awhimsical, a breakage ... For sure, not the best place to learn peacefully from a boat


Near the river mouth
The departure of the east coast of Morocco, Saïdia, and must lead us to my Tunisian youth where I spent my early childhood. Algeria is in the middle of the trip with already administrative constraints looming. Visa impossible to get for a stop, and at the same time the certainty that the changing conditions of the whimsical cited above will not allow us to join Tunisia in one go. Fortunately, we learnt shortly before leaving that a stop without visa in Algerian ports is tolerated by the authorities... Let's see...

Zegzel mountains
Signs of the hand is launched to friends, we leave now. The Eastern region of Morocco was a very beautiful first stopover. The valley of Zegzel, Debdou, Berkane already leave us many memories. We sail along the coast and no surprise, conditions change every 8 hours. Sails, engines, front and back winds, everything is proposed to Maesha during 48 hours at the end of which we try a stop in Mostaganem, Algerian trade port.

Approaching Debdou, Morocco
The reception seems at first very procedural. The services are numerous and everyone asks us for the same documents and prints them in the same way. To believe that none of these services communicate with each other. But soon, the smiles arrive and the welcome word is launched all the time. Maesha has to adapt to the docks designed for commercial vessels that are not afraid of shocks and is stuck between a 200m ferry and a trawler fleet. It's dirty, disturbing, but the experience is unique.

We returned to the harbor with a piece of net caught in the port propeller. I inform the captain that I go to the water to check the propeller. What did not I say here ?! It will take 5 hours of paperwork, 3 control teams and a fire truck to ensure the safety of my "dive" in 25 cm "under" water to undo this damn piece of net in about 35 seconds! An administrative comedy to which nobody will derogate but made with the essential, smiles!

Between ferry and trawlers !
3 days have passed, it's time to leave our hosts to find Tunisia.


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