Hello, everyone!

This is my first use of the #showcase-sunday channel to bring an old story to your attention. It was nigh invisible more than a year ago when I was nigh invisible as well. And the place I will tell you about...again, is everything but. Nigh invisible. I did not know anybody, I did not know of Discord, of communities...their old form...I was surprised to find out that I had used the #travelfeed tag back then but nothing happened. I don't know how or when I learned of it, anyway.

All right, here we go:


The untamed coast near the village of Tiulenovo, Bulgaria, holds a special attraction to myself and many others. I've been going there for nine or ten years without skipping even one summer.

Because it's still wild!

And I dearly hope it remains wild. Not completely, no, there is some infrastructure around. But there I feel as if I'm in one of the classic western movies. Although it's not near any desert, it's only a bit deserted.

It's actually near the sea. Without sandy beaches, though. The cliffs go up to twenty meters above the water.


And that is why the place attracts a certain kind of people from all over the country and also foreigners. Climbers. They can practice what they call Deep Water Solo - climbing solo with no ropes.




If they fall, they fall at safe places as far as deep water without dangerous rocks beneath the surface is considered safe.



Of course, there are places you shouldn't do that.


Just explore, and follow the other climbers - they know the routs already.


There are, of course, others. Fisherman and regular tourists, for example. But I mean also the other species that love the location for their own reasons.





Yes, they used to nest there, too. The old wharf ruins, four kilometers to the north, gone now. A few years ago they were there but a new construction is under way and the old, crumbling structure is just a memory. I wish I had more photographs of it.

Well, that's how time works. Only 'The Sun is the same in a relative way' (Pink Floyd). But isn't that what we love about places such as Tiulenovo? The chance to observe how nature slowly shaped even rock into arches, pools, wells, columns, umbrellas, terraces... day...


after night...


after day...


This is where it ended before. Well, I will leave it as it was. As I was.

But still quite me ;)

Have a great week ahead!



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