Lombok: A tour across the Sekotong Peninsula

Marcel @marcelgooApril 2018 ยท 3 min read

Hi Steemians, hope you're having a great weekend! In my last post I wrote about the 'Secret Gili Islands' off the coast of the Sekotong Peninsula. Not only the islands are worth a visit, you should also explore the Sekotong area when you're in Lombok.


Lonely beach somewhere in Sekotong

Where to stay

A great place to start exploring the Sekotong Peninsula is Krisna Bungalows & Restaurant. I really enjoyed my stay and had a great view at Gili Nanggu and some other Gilis directly from my bungalow. The Balinese owners are very nice and funny. Price is reasonable as well. I will definitely stay there again next time!


View from Krisna

Sekotong: What to see

The best thing you could do is renting a scooter and drive around Sekotong on your own. 3 days should be enough for a stay (including an island hopping trip). There is almost no traffic and the streets are mostly good. Only in some areas you will have to deal with dirt roads and potholes. But for the greater part the streets look like this:



So here are my favorite places in Sekotong:


View from Goa Landak temple (Pura Goa Landak)


Mekaki Beach viewpoint


Mekaki Bay/Mekaki Beach


Elak Elak Beach


Elak Elak viewpoint


Lovely, isn't it? And no, these pictures are not photoshopped. There were simply NO other people ;)

By the way: You can find these places easily with Google Maps. On Lombok it's very easy to navigate with Google Maps when you have a Indonesian SIM card. Most areas are covered with good 3G/4G.

Sekotong: The downsides

Unfortunately, the south of Lombok is still not the safest place. Although the area is unbelievably beautiful, it's still like a 'wild west' there. Especially outside of Kuta town there have been some robberies and scooter thefts in the past years. I hope the government will increase the police presence massively.

Also you should be careful in Sekotong! If you decide to explore the peninsula with a scooter and park somewhere, always make sure to lock it properly and leave it within sight. If available, use an extra lock. Also, it's always better to go with a larger group than alone. Don't drive to remote areas after sunset.


Have a safe trip and enjoy this Lombok adventure far away from any mass tourism!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you liked it, I would be happy about your upvote. If you want to read more about beautiful places in Lombok and the other countries in Southeast Asia, follow me :)

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Great post! @suitcasemama and I love Indonesia and actually honeymooned in Lombok! Although we never made it to the Gilis or Sekotong...


Where exactly did you stay in Lombok? I hoped you enjoyed your honeymoon :)


A couple of places, but our favorite was in the Southeast, Jeeva Beloam :)


Jeeva Beloam must be amazing. Unfortunately, I didn't stay there yet but the pictures looked fantastic. Once I tried to get to the bay but of course they didn't let me pass as it's private. It was still worth a try :D


Try to go if you get the chance. We loved it. Especially if you're looking to go a bit "off the grid" :)


Wow. The beaches are empty. Looks perfect.


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The beaches look great. I should have went here instead of Selong Belanak.


Well, yes, I know you had very bad luck there. I actually felt safe all the time in Sekotong and enjoyed driving around the area a lot. It was so empty and people were very friendly.


Wonderful snaps..


Thank you :)