Hello, friends of the world.

Maybe you want to come to Cumaná - Venezuela and you want to know where you can go during your visit to this Venezuelan city.

I live here and I will suggest you 3 places. You can decide to go to all 3 or just go to 1 but I'm sure you'll love it.

1. Ramos Sucre House (Casa Ramos Sucre)

The Venezuelan poet José Antonio Ramos Sucre was born in this colonial house.

The house was restored in the 1990s and its infrastructure is well preserved. It consists of an entrance hall, internal garden; library specialized in Venezuelan and Latin American literature, museum areas for the poet's personal objects, multiple use room and an amphitheater.

The poet José Antonio Ramos Sucre left a remarkable work for world literature. The best known are: La torre de Timón (1925), El cielo de esmalte (1929) and Las formas del fuego (1929).

In his family tree he is a relative of the Venezuelan independence hero Antonio José de Sucre, known as "The Grand Marshal of Ayacucho" for his honors and merits in this battle.

The Casa Ramos Sucre is registered as part of the city's heritage. At the beginning of this century it became part of the Heritage of the University of Oriente who is responsible for the maintenance of the house through the Direction of Culture of the university.

The main activity of the house is linked to literary studies. Hence, it is performed periodically workshops, courses and conferences concerning the world literary field.

In June the Biennial Ramos Sucre is celebrated (every 2 years). Spanish-American writers congregate there to celebrate the birth of the poet (Jun 9) as well on commemorate the date of his death (Jun 13).

During one week, the most versed writers of contemporary literature have diverse activities; besides to the literary lectures, there are generally about and photograph or painting exhibition.

The house has the possibility of guided tours. But visitors can bring their own guides.

Opening hours: 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. There may also be activities scheduled between 5pm-8pm. On Saturdays, by prior arrangement with the Culture Direction of the University of Oriente, the house can be enabled for a visit or a special activity.

Added value: excellent location in the historical center of the city of Cumaná.

2. San Antonio de la Eminencia Castle (Castillo San Antonio de la Eminencia)

It is currently cultural equipment.

It was built during the 16th and 12th centuries for the vigilance and defense of the city. For more detailed historical information you can check the following link San Antonio de la Eminencia Castle – Cumaná, Venezuela.

It is located in one of the highest places in the city. Due to the fact that Cumaná is a city of low constructions and with few buildings, from the Castle you can see absolutely the whole city in its four cardinal points.

It has local tourist guides who are inhabitants of the San Francisco neighborhood.

Hours: 8am-4pm, Monday to Sunday

Added value: panoramic view of the city and the Gulf of Cariaco. In addition, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Cumaná is located in the perimeter of the Castle.

3. San Luis Beach

Cumana is a seafaring town. The San Luis beach is long and is located at the entrance of the city.

It has rough white sand, with coconut trees and "uvero de playa". There is moderate wind and the beach water has the temperature of 26º and 29º centigrade, with little annual rainfall. Due to the climate of the city, the temperature of the beach is ideal to cool down.

The beach is very visited by the locals during the weekends because it is accessible by public transport.

Also, the beach is very visited by Venezuelan nationals during the vacation periods of Holy Week and the month of August.

Those who come from Europe or South America in the first months of the year, that is, January, February and March, fully enjoy their stay in this natural space. The place is quiet for walking, practicing water sports or in the sand, cycling, yoga or simply resting in the sand.

For more visual information you can visit the following link What makes Cumaná unique: San Luis Beach.

Added value: tasting of typical food and drink: fresh fried fish, fish “empanadas”, coconut water, “papelón” juice with lemon, among others. Tourist accommodations. The sunset most beautiful of the city.

Welcome to Cumaná!

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