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I like to travel but in these times of pandemic I have not been able to do so. I have many photographs from several of my trips, some of them are in traditional 35mm photography format and others are in digital format.

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I want to start sharing my experiences with just three pictures. Beyond showing many photos, I want to have the opportunity to write and relive moments or places that have filled me with emotion.

The photographs that I will show in this publication were taken by me with one of my first digital cameras. The amount of pixels is not very high due to the technology of that time.

Carlos Gardel was and is an emblematic figure of the song with tango rhythm. Some say he was born in Uruguay, others say it was in Toulouse (France), the truth is that his artistic life was known from Buenos Aires. His name is associate with his epithet "The Morocho of the Abasto".

Tango music was well known from the 1920s to the 1950s in many parts of the world. And it was Gardel's voice that made it popular.

“Los Porteños”, the people born in Buenos Aires, appreciate Gardel. But many prefer other tango singers when they share music in their homes.

The story of this walk is somewhat comical because I never really got to enter the Museum House because it was closed. At least on that first trip. Then on another trip I did get in. That place was bought by Carlos Gardel, in 1927, and he lived there with his mother. It is located at 735 Jean Jaurés Street.

A very pleasant experience is the guided tour. There they tell you about Gardel's life, the time he lived, his filmography and other interesting aspects such as anecdotes of the singer. Each guided tour can last between 30 and 40 minutes (depending on the group, questions and interests).

I'm sticking with the story. You know that on this trip I could not visit the Museum House, but as I am a good observer I realized that everything around this place was inspired by the singer-songwriter. The bars, the craft sales, the cafes, the restaurants, any place that served as a meeting place had a little piece of Gardel's history.

In those spaces you can hear Tango music, almost always in Gardel's voice, even in Rockolas! (It plays old records).

There is no doubt that Gardel and his work have idolatry in Buenos Aires and in the World, even today. He can tell you that it is a myth of modernity.

Those who travel to Argentina and want to better understand the artistic, human and profane world of Gardel should even visit the cemetery "La Chacarita" where his remains are located (which were moved from Medellin to there, in a long journey that began in the year 1935 and arrived in 1936!).

Friends, I'll leave it here. It is truly exciting how much one can remember with only 3 photographs. I invite you to do this exercise of life while we are at home.

Traveling is nice; remembering trips and writing them down is adorable.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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