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I live in a city called Cumaná which is located in the northeast of Venezuela, in the state of Sucre. The whole city is bordered by the waters of the Gulf of Cariaco, that is, our air is impregnated with sea winds.

Cumaná has a great history because, according to several historians, it is the first continental city founded by the Spanish in America, in 1515. But I'll leave that history of conquest, colonization, emancipation and independence for another opportunity.

Today I want to introduce you to the most beautiful natural landscape that the city of Cumaná has: San Luis beach.


To arrive to Cumaná by land (trunk 9), from Puerto La Cruz, is to arrive to San Luis. Therefore this beach welcomes tourists and visitors.

San Luis is the beach of the Cumaneses, with white and thick sand, palm trees, coconut trees and “Uvero de Playa” trees; its waves are moderate and the blue ones vary according to the time of the year.

Visiting San Luis does not require a special event; you simply have to feel like taking a good saltwater bath and San Luis is the ideal place.

Photo: Los Bordones Sector


Universidad Avenue is exactly the parallel to the road of this coast. In this urban road there are residential houses, vacation houses, 5 hotels and several inns. The tourist services in Cumaná, in general, are not good or are inefficient. On San Luis beach, besides the accommodation service there are several restaurants including the hotel restaurants and I can tell you that they are very good.

But the most common thing is that people who visit the beach take their picnic to eat sitting on the sand. There are always (informal) vendors selling ice cream, soft drinks, "torrejas", local snacks and "empanadas" along the way. This offers a local, traditional and therefore familiar atmosphere. Thus, being in San Luis becomes an adventure of friends, a family sharing or a romantic walk.

Photos: Cumanagoto Hotel Sector



This is the longest beach on the Cumanese coast. For people who like to walk in the morning, or jog, this is a fantastic place to do it. You can also walk barefoot on the sand for those who like direct contact with salt water and nature.

Other people who prefer water sports or beach volleyball can do so as well. Part of the beauty is that there is always a place for everyone and everything is outdoors.


For some years now, San Luis Beach has been one of the natural spots chosen to take part in the Triathlon and there are also Open Water competitions, the later only for swimmers.

From the Universidad de Oriente, where I work, you can enjoy the coastal scenery because we are located on a hill called Cerro Colorado and precisely, or approximately, from this point San Luis Beach begins (or ends, depending on your preference) in an sector known as "Los Uveros".

Every day, when going to work, one can oxygenate one's life watching this beautiful beach. Who is not inspired by its exuberant beauty?

This sunset captures it from the parking lot of the Oceanographic Institute of Venezuela. Enjoy!


Finally, I edited these images, which I had from last year, to show the best and most beautiful thing about Cumaná.

Source: Youtube, channel Marcy Betancourt

Thank you for reading. I'll be waiting for you in Cumaná.

Infinite greetings!

2020 May, Video and Photographs @marcybetancourt Marcy Betancourt

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