Today I feel pensive, when I am like this I feel the need to walk, I feel that the air caresses my face while I listen to some music, it is a ritual I take my coat my phone my headphones and my camera, I take my time walking observing, the people the cars, the loneliness of some places, in those places alone I find myself, the silence that can be appreciated by the loneliness so evident and there I am among monumental streets with stories and I sometimes trying to understand mine, understand what surrounds me, nature is perfect, we do not, and sometimes it is incredible that despite that we do wonderful things, perfect as many of the structures that surround us.

I like to sit on the steps, whether it's listening to music and watching or reading a book or eating a snack or having a drink and just having a good time there, it relaxes me to do that taking pictures, that for me is an elixir.

Sometimes we need moments to relax, to think or both, to have fun, to disconnect from everything and everyone.

As I always say if you appreciate being alone that allows you to value good company, just a good company doesn't make you miss being alone. Just as I like my moments, I also like to be surrounded by my loved ones and my fans.

Well, after so much time walking, seeing shops, cars passing by, people walking, I decided to buy a snack to continue my journey and so arrive at the square, I love being there, I sat there to contemplate it in all its splendor, beautiful and silent, so I like it, I feel like I own the place, I uncover my snack, relaxed eating and listening to music. I think about projects I have in mind and doing this gives me more vision of what I want to do. An hour later I feel good with my clearer ideas ready to go home.

Photos taken by me.