A day in the Alps

I was in Munich for a meeting for Haveyoubeenhere and being so close to the Alps I had to at least take out one day to explore! I guess this is what they mean with a bleisure trip (what a horrible terminology by the way)! 😄

Eibsee 8/10

Eibsee is a stunning lake. Just a few years ago this spot was a hidden gem, mostly known by locals. After a new funicular was build nearby and some hype was created for the lake on social media (most notably Instagram), the lake has attracted more tourism. In a way it's great that more people can enjoy time here, but it does take away from the beauty of stumbling upon a hidden gem. Still, the lake is stunning in itself and if you walk far enough you should be able to find a quiet sport.

Partnach Gorge 9/10

The Partnach Gorge is an incredible natural feat. The water flowing through the gorge has this almost unreal blue color and during winter ice stalactites form all around the walls of the gorge. It takes about 20min to walk through it, and it's the start and end point for many hikes (some leading to the tops of nearby mountains). Walking through the gorge definitely inspires a sense of awe and if you are nearby I would highly recommend for you to pass by.

Klammhaus an der Partnach 7/10

Right acros from here you can find an abandoned building. As you may know, I love some good urban exploring so when I saw this building I had to go in. It seems to have been a form of accomodation at one point, but it's been clear that it has been abandoned for quite a few years now. It always makes me wonder why. Unfortunately I couldn't find a lot of information on the building it self, but if you like some urban exploring, I'd recommend a sneak in! 😄