Amazing worthy day spent at Stubai Glacier! What a weather turnaround we got!

MatkoDurko @matkodurkoJanuary 2019 · 5 min read


-10 degrees Celsius, silence and stunning peaks looming over you at each side - that's what skiing in Stubaier Gletscher feels like. One of the most popular ski centers hosted me and my family this weekend and it was amazing. Exactly what I needed after 2 weeks in Greece and 1 week of busy as ever Christmas back home. I thought about you guys and documented everything :)



When we arrived, the parking lot was almost empty. I had no idea why. The day was looking as if it was made for one thing only - skiing! Feeling super lucky, we've changed into skiing gear and went to buy tickets.



After paying unnecessary huge amount of money for skiing cards - 51 euros per head, we were finally heading up there, towards the sky! Ready to enjoy the day and kill the slopes :)


We've decided to go straight up to the top. From the lower parking lot, to the Top of Tirol it takes good 20 minutes of sitting in a cabin. Not the best way how to spend time but the cabins have WI-FI so it's all good. The real problem was starting to show outside tho - the weather..


Weather problems

By the time we got to the very top, the weather sucked big time. Suuuper windy with huge pieces of ice flying around and cutting into every inch of exposed skin. You couldn't see anything more far than 2 meters.


That meant no amazing pictures and views :/ So we've just taken one mandatory selfie with my sis and it was time to ride down!


First rides

And the ride was...painful and dangerous. The wind was soooo huge it was making the air almost unbreathable as it was scooping all the powder from the ground to the air. It really wasn't pleasant at all..


We knew it's not what we came here for, but at the same time, you won't just give up on your 50 euros worth ticket :D So we've done couple of rides in these harsh conditions and one old slovak saying proved to be correct once again:

Patience brings the roses...

And our patience brought ... the sun!


Clouds started to disappear and we could finally see the amazing mountains around us. It was a magnificient and breathtaking view worth thousand pictures. It wasn't my first time at Stubai, but it always feels magical :)


Sunbeams = energy

With the new boost of energy coming from space (literally), we've started to ramp up the number on our rides count even more. Up and down, up and down.... Now this is what we really came here for! Amazing views, blue sky, powder snow, sun...and the magical silence everywhere.



Mandatory photoshoot

We were really doing ride after ride after ride. But even inbetween, there was some time for pictures. And the target was my sister. The wind was still pretty strong so that's probably the reason she wasn't protesting at all. Opening mouth still resulted in mouthful of snow :D


The worst thing I've learned that day is that my sister surpassed me in skiing skills! And by far :D Considering that I live in Innbsruck, it's an absolute shame. I indeed became a gym rat :D Anyway, by the time I make it down, she's already there, smiling and me and rolling eyes while asking what took me so long :D


I know you guys probably want to see more pics of her but I got the permission for only 3 pics with face soo I gotta stop here :D

Last ride - 16:00

As this time was coming closer and closer, we really started to feel it all. Our tired legs and our frozen bodies. Tea breaks were more and more frequent and occasional arguments about who's going to drink first occurred as well. She won this round!


Sun was starting to slowly set down and it was time for the very last lift to the top of Stubaier Gletcher - Wildspitz. It's indeed a stunning place with amazing views :)



Bye-bye Stubye Stubai!

After the last ride was in books, we came back to parking lot to find it even emptier that in the morning. Obviously. Now understanding why so few people came I could only laugh on their fear of bad weather as we got couple of nice hours of blue ski and heaven-like ski experience :) Now just quickly change the shoes and clean up the ski from the leftover snow, sit into the car and drive back home to get some hot soup :)) Till next time Stubai!


Thx for reading :) Matko.

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:)) thxx


It's a fun and scary trip, of course because of bad weather.


Yupp :)

ErikaH @erikahJanuary 2019

Haha, not just a Slovak saying, we have a similar in Hungarian :)
Gorgeous photos by the way! Well done!


Oh really? haha cool to know!And thx!

ErikaH @erikahJanuary 2019

Yes, sometimes one saying is translated and used in many languages 🙂

bodie7 @bodie7January 2019

Lyžovačka (srdíčko). Taky se chystám příští tejden, ale v čechách takhle prázdnou sjezdovku asi nenajdu :D


Ale zato budes mat aspon priaznivejsiu cenu :D

bodie7 @bodie7January 2019

To je fakt! :D

Remy @guchtereJanuary 2019

For sure it ain’t that bad losing from your sister! Think you both had a smile on the face during the day and that is what matters (I know now with my back!)😊

Anyway great post! Really love your storytelling🤙

Ps. Although I think your sister had the biggest smile😈😉


Hah yupp yupp, she won that day in, skiing speed and tea drinking contest :D Thanks!

Remy @guchtereJanuary 2019

Hehe will there be a replay soon, so you have a chance for revenge? 😉


Beautiful post, Matko. I didn't know you skied. I never tried it myself. I am more of a Summer person. Beaches and water is my thing. Eheheh.

Amazing views up there, eh? I am glad that the weather decided to collaborate a bit. 😊


Hah I can ski but don't do it regularly :D 2-3 days per season are enough for me :D and yupp, I'm joining you in the summer club! Much more enjoyable that freezing while skiing :D it's a nice change tho :)


I don't do well in the cold...
Meanwhile, I'd like to invite you to participate in My Art Curation Initiative #7

Gaz @cheese4eadJanuary 2019

Stunning pics @matkodurko

It's a shame that you had the rough weather early but it looks like it improved throughout the day. After all, a bad days skiing is still a great day!

I've managed two days skiing so far but I'm planning on many more before the end of the season. It's a bit cheaper here in Romania though.



Oh haha well Romania is for sure cheaper..these Austrians have crazy ass pricing running over here :D hah these were also my first two this year and probably also last ones for this season :D

Gaz @cheese4eadJanuary 2019

Noooooooo! Last ones already? Why?

LilTammy @liltammyJanuary 2019

-10 degrees Celsius" -po tejto informácii si stratil môj záujem.. sorky :D ale nee, super fotky,krásne a ta posledná je čarovná:)
btw.3 fotky tváre? je až až.. ale bez vlasov - chápem, ak raz nasadíš prilbu, vlasový styling už nič nezachráni :D


Hahah ty a tie tvoje vlasy stale :D


Magestic! Really intimidating.
This is in Autria, right?

How long can someone be explosed (even with proper winter clothes) before they start feeling they have to be someplace warmer?


Man, good qurstion...I guess it depends also on the wind. it's a sucker if it's strong :D with proper clothes the whole day is doable tho...but in the evening, you're dead tired :D And yupp, its austria :) Thx!


Something beautiful! Seen similar winter in Polish mountains - Bieszczady. :)


Never been there :/ Altho the name sounds familiar...maybe we have something similar in Slovakia, who knows :D