3 summers ago, I've decided to go for an university internship somewhere aboad. The country of my choice ended up being Pakistan - country I've heard of only as a terrorist paradise before. It all happened in summer 2014 and changed me more than I'd ever expect.

Hello people!

It was late March, for the first time after 4 years I didn't have a girlfriend and I suddenly didn't feel like spending summer in Slovakia. And I knew there's this IAESTE organization which could arrange some summer internship for me. I've checked the list of destinations and as expected in late March, most of the places were already taken. Left ones were some boring European countries...and Pakistan :)


Over the next 4 months, I had to finalize quite a lot of paperwork, had 3 Visa trips to Pakistani embassy in Vienna (Austria) because there's no embassy in Slovakia, took 8 vaccination shots and on July 14h, I was good to go, boarding a plane in direction -> Dubai -> Islamabad.

Funny circumstances

Drunk guy with 5kg protein powder in his luggage flying to Islamabad...
Stupid enough, because I was trying to be a bodybuilder those days, half of my luggage was a 5kg protein powder just in case they don't have such stuff there :D..Also, I was heading to country with complete ban on alcohol of any sort, still half drunk after finishing a 4 day-long music festival just 12 hours prior to my plane departure.

My experience

Those tree months were probably the most important 3 months of my life so far. I've realized many of true life's values, met AMAZING beautiful people, saw some real hard life stories and but also a georgous country and its culture. I've also understood what real islamic religion is about and how massively misinterpeted it is in the western world.

Some random pictures to wake up your interest :D

DSC_0456 (2).jpg
Pakistan Independence Day, we got dressed up

Not enough place for separate dishing, massage parlour and butcher's, no problem :)

No traffic lights, no problem :)

No local aquapark, no problem :)

Pakistan, Turkey, Slovakia, UK, Spain, Oman...4 religions and no problem :)

No bridge, no problem :)

Not enough seats in beetle-sized taxi, no problem :)

Living on the Himalayan hillsides, no electricty, no heating, no problem :)

Now let's talk together about our difficult tough lives and our problems...

I hope that in these posts I'll be able to properly explain what I've experienced that summer so you all could get some value out of it.

Thanks for reading!

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