Summer holiday. The promised week. For the luckier ones, it might be two. I don't agree with this mindest at all...but it's not what this post will be about. Earlier this summer, my parents dropped me a call, where should we go for summer holiday this year. My answer surprised them...

Summer holiday AKA our family reunion

I don't spend much time with my parents. I study/work outside of my country and get back home just for couple of days. That usually means partying with friends and talking with parents just from behind the closed bathroom door, while vomiting the next morning :D No kidding now, they actually already pointed it out to me :D That's why summer holiday is kinda sacred week for us. We choose a destination and basically meet there. They go from Slovakia and I get there from Innsbruck. The destination last 2 years was always some typical beach stuff in Croatia. I never really get the real rest from such destinations..It's jut too crowded, too noisy, too touristic.... That's why my answer to my parent's this year was:

"Let's just meet somewhere half-way and enjoy couple of days in the nature without all that touristic beach stuff...There must be another way how to do summer holiday!"

Upper Austia countryside

The decision was made and "the circle on the map was drawn." We're meeting in Upper Austria. For me it was circa 250 kilometers and for my parents around 500.


First impressions

I took an early train at 5am and closer I was getting to the place, more I knew our decision was right. Everything was green and fresh and was just buzzing with energy. Different energy tho, not the quick coffee energy you get normally. And more than anything, everything was calm :)

Evening walk

Very first day, we haven't really done much and just enjoyed each other's presence. Talked a lot whats new etc and then eventually later in the afternoon, we went for a walk. It felt as if the time stopped there, really.

Ever-present wood and greens without any sign of modern technology was just sooo soothing. And the silence..No cars, no airplanes (suupertypical in Innsbruck btw). It was magical. After walking for a good hour, we arrived to a tiny village. I could't help but wonder what are these kids like compared to their modern city peers. This whole environment they're growing up in has to have nothing but positive effect on both, their physical and mental health.

"Am I in heaven?"

This was my inner question the next day after I woke up. Got on the terrase of our appartment and this is the view I had. And again...silence. I should actually write The Silence. Cuz it was not that typical silence you know. This silence was somehow alive. It was just vibrating with all this natural energy or something. I'm no yogi (altho I practice yoga, but more for its physical than mental/spiritual effects) so I dunno what it was, but that countryside is just different.

And the typical houses nearby were also suuuper beautiful.

Well, it was time to go to water! But before that...

Hah, I didn't say we didn't bath :D I said, there's another way how to do it that just travelling somewhere to sea. But before lying on the "beach", we had to earn it!! Up we go!

I admit we've taken a lift, but it was cuz of my mum's hip problems. And up there we've done a proper 3 hour hike :) So don't judge us! :D As expected, the view from the top was just breath-taking. At this moment, I was sooo happy we weren't lying on the beach eating cooked corn and ice-cream.

We even made one friend up there :) He didn't want to leave by any means.

Eventually, as our legs got heavier, it was time to the LAKEE! One last look at it from top :) Ok, I had circa 5 last looks as it was just too beautiful to have just one :)


It's name is Seeklausalm. Google it - it's beautiful! Sooo blue...and soo refreshing :) It was my first time swimming in the outside water in the whole year and I just really really enjoyed it. I don't have pics from the beach as my mum started complaining about me taking pictures all the time :D

After staying there couple of hours, we've walked around the lake. There were many climbing paths right above the walk.

Milka cows are not purple?!?

Look whom we met :D Cows!! In Alps! Those must be the Milka cows right?? (if you don't know what Milka is - google "Milka chocolate")....But hey, they ain't purple? My whole life till this point was a lie!

After watching these two playing around for good 20 minutes, we've decided to go home as we were hungry and my parents brought over some typical slovakia food which I was craving for already from the day before :D As we were leaving, I couldn't help myself but look back once again and take more pictures altho at this point, it wasn't making any sense as my memory card was "overflowing" :D

Tiny things are sometimes the most valuable ones

Hm, who would say that after such eventful days, the best was just to come :) After the dinner, me and my mother went for a bike ride. I know, sounds normal right? Well, I haven't ridden a bike with my mum since I was probably 6 or 7...And she hasn't ridden a bike in genera for quite some years. Well, let's call her first several hundreds meters a wild style :D But eventually she got it all under controll and I really really REAAALLY enjoyed it. We told our father we'll be back in 20 minutes, but came back after an hour :)

Oh, and mum is wearing 12 years old WU-TANG tanktop!! Who's got as cool mum as mine? Easy...Noone! If you have problem with her socks in sandals, meet me in Innsbruck and tell it to me straight in the face! :D My mum is the most savage mum out there! Period! Love u mum! 💗

These were just first two days. But the post is already now too long and I feel noone will read it anyway....So what is the main point of the post? Well, the first one is that** you don't have to fly to freaking Dubai to have nice summer holiday and boost your Insta with gr8 pictures :P ** In my homecountry, we have a saying:

"The darkest place is usually straight under the lamp.."

Means, sometimes the thing you're looking for is right in front of your eyes. Well, for me, it was 200 kilometers, but it's still kinda the same :D

Thanks for reading!


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