Re: Halloween on the Beach at Semaphore, South Australia.

Love the long form post. There's so much hastily assembled, cobbled together "rush" posting going on.
So refreshing to get completely lost in the atmosphere.
It's funny, I took my boys squidding down at Port Noarlunga the other day, and we grabbed some hot chips first. Same thing. Pigeons were brave, seagulls were noisy and ultimately hungry.
Fortune favours the brave, as do I.
A lot of visitors find it funny, in the heat of Summer when the shadow cast by a jetty is shoulder to shoulder with beach-goers, with most of the swimming happening in the shade, too.

Hey kids; want to go down to a narrow strip of the beach?


4 days without internet meant I had to get my fix other ways! Lol! I'd actually started writing it on the Wednesday, but knew it would take a while. I hate to skim events as it just feels too much like a tourist guide blurb. I prefer reading things from a personal experience level. Like you say, it's more immersive in the atmosphere. If you don't get a feel for a place, why would you want to visit it?

That's what I hate about busy days, no room under the jetty! We tried those shelter tents, but they don't work that well and usually end up destroyed by the winds.

It's a bit early in the season and breeding time, I guess. So not as many people throwing food around makes for braver birds.