Arches National Park Collected | 19 Pictures

If the whole world is a park then where can you walk?

When the paths less traveled diverge and end - do you stop there? Do you turn around?

Who cut those trails? Have you ever cut one?

We’ll run - not because we’re in a hurry but instead because that’s an active posture of victimhood. A way to internally monologue our self back into the position of hero.

These plastic forms are ephemeral reality, intangible spaces the mind hides behind to shield not itself but the shapes.

However, the sounds are immortal as they catalog time into objective slivers. Spilling into the crevices, no space is safe.

There is no where to run from the echoes of your self. You will find you there, waiting.

...and what song would you sing?

Up is a relative direction. Coordination always feels like going down hill?

We are the rock that Sisyphus was tasked with, they are us. Obstructing our self along the way looks natural but that’s the mirage.

No, it’s not really like that though. It’s too...too...the word is slipping my mind right now but I promise it’s perfect for what you’re describing - the emotional weight of that message.

Where you are matters because matter is potential information. Leave home, award your self a degree in kinesiology.

Gravity only lasts as long as you do - what if

Like a camel filling up its reserves of water in preparation to thread through the eye of a needle

“Regard me”

Some angles are immediately perceivable as the lies that they are.

There was never any honesty in them but that doesn’t mean you don’t take a snapshot, because we need to remember what that looks like too

See the thing is, I think you got caught.

...then again, it’s not really caught when you leave a trail of breadcrumbs back to your self is it?

...don’t set out alone

They’ll talk about the consequences of your actions as if they can see the negative space.

The current vantage point doesn’t indicate the shape of the next level below.

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