🏛📸 Kentucky State Capital Collected | 6 Pictures

Michael Finney @mdf-365December 2018 · 2 min read

¡Just Capital!

Kentucky’s capital is located in Frankfort, which is just about an hour southeast of Louisville. I camped north of town in mid-October when I visited for this collection of photos.

The gardens in front of the main entrance were still in bloom at the time of my visit. Autumn had descended on the area I live in, so it was nice to see foliage and flowers one last time.

Interiors: Rotunda Dome

They have a classical dome in Kentucky with one very impressive trait: the color changes through the day. I didn’t stick around long enough to capture its polychromatic display but was satisfied with the collection of images I did get that day.

Often there is a grand staircase inside of these capital buildings, Frankfort didn’t disappoint. I like the lighting, symmetry, and material colors in this image. Have been thinking of ways to combine a number of pictures from different capitals together. There might a video project to try out with this idea.

The guard was quick to point out that the rotunda was the only place in America to see a statue of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis together. That didn’t strike me as a great surprise. He recommended I head onto the bourbon trail after my look around the state capital - it was 10:00 in the morning.

Those screens on each side of the room were rotating different images. I waited for the image with the dome to cycle back through to get this picture.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the Kentucky State Capital.

Thanks for taking a look!

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I love how clean and classy it looks at the same time! The spectacular pictures are not a surprise anymore for such a beautiful place :)


Having visited about half of the state capitals now, I can say most give this same impression. Only a few have failed to deliver incredible views.

Freja Fri @frejafriDecember 2018

Wow, beautiful domes! And really great pictures!


Thanks - I like visiting the state capitals


It's weird seeing stuff from around here show up on steemit, great shots though, they look a lot more impressive than I remember the capitol being. Did you get a chance to visit Red River Gorge or the bourbon trail?


It definitely still feels special to connect with regional content or folks in the area where we live via Steemit still. A small enough community to give things a serendipitous quality when it happens.

Thanks for taking a look