This summer during a trip into the upper Rocky Mountains region of the country, I was fortunate to again have the time to wander around the state of Wyoming. This post is a collection of the images and thoughts I had while traveling through the state.

The Grand Tetons National Park

The Tetons are located in Wyoming just south of Yellowstone. It's a considerable drive for me but longtime followers of my Steemit account may remember photos from last year.

Made a pit stop in the park this summer along the way. I’ve never been in the park when it was sunny. The Tetons are moody - maybe that’s why I like the area.

The primary range of mountains can be seen in this collection of photos, however, it is very overcast. The roughly 15 hours I spent in the Tetons National Park was essentially just camping and sleeping. It was fairly late when I did arrive, though I did manage a short hike to get a few of these pictures.

I'm not sure this will ever become more than just a small collection of photos. Between the two trips I've made through the park, I really have been satisfied with my photography there. It's mostly the weather but even the pictures I do have are lacking something.

Distance may be an issue, maybe lighting. Timing is certainly a factor but maybe it's just that I'm not prepared to take pictures there yet and so must return when I am better ready.

Whatever it may be. Hopefully these few photos get you to consider making the trip for your self to the Grand Tetons. It buts up to the south of Yellowstone, so think of it as an opportunity to visit them both. Bring a big card for your camera so you can capture everything you see.

Rural Areas

There aren't any places I would call distinctly metropolitan - it's funny to think of the "rural" parts of Wyoming when the whole state is almost all open landscapes.

I camped here - This was just outside of Yellowstone.

While driving on a series of switchbacks through the hills of Wyoming between Yellowstone and Cody, these scenes surrounded me.

I pulled over and pressed a button on them. No drive-bys when you could fall off the edge at any moment.

There’s Levels to this shit…

Take a ride out in the country

Bighorn Recreation Area

This location is in north central Wyoming. It runs into the northern border with Montana. I had never heard of it before the day I looked at it on the map but was pleasantly surprised by the views while I was there.

🎵 This light is not my own 🎵

“The ram has touched the wall”

Devil’s Tower

I walked on the grounds around the butte early in the morning. The park wasn’t officially open when I arrived. The small forested area the exists around the base of the formation was filled with deer grazing, they had no concern for my presence.

🎵 Never ride the lonely road, above all, at sundown

For dusk is when the little men melt into the mountains 🎵

Wyoming has become one of my all-time favorite states in recent years. I’m really pleased to have been through it as many times as I have and hope to return again in the future. Recommending a visit is obvious - I recommend you make a few.

Thanks for taking a look!