Today is the first day of summer, but I don’t know why I remembered my winter trip to Copenhagen. Maybe because it was awesome and fantastic trip, that’s why? Yes, Copenhagen is really fantastic.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the largest city. The city is very noisy and crowded, but hasn’t a lot of cars. Most citizens ride bicycles.

Copenhagen has ancient architecture, many beautiful buildings, castles and cathedrals. Most of the architectural constructions were built during the reign of King Christian IV. This king ruled from 1588 to 1648 years, but some of his buildings can be seen today. For example, Rosenborg Castle. This is the only castle of the era of King Christian IV, which has remained unchanged since the completion of construction in 1633. The king built this castle as a royal summer residence in the style of Dutch Renaissance. During the construction, the style changed several times and by 1624 acquired its present look. This castle is surrounded on three sides by a moat filled with water. It’s really very beautiful and colorful place. Nowadays, Rosenborg castle is considered one of the main attractions of Copenhagen. In 1838, the palace became a museum. Here you can see a rich collection of weapons, furniture and jewelry of the Danish royal family from the end of the 16th century until the 19th century, also a collection of royal porcelain and silver.

Another very beautiful castle in Copenhagen is Christiansborg. It is the residence of the royal family of Denmark. It is located on the Royal Island of Slotsholmen, separated from the rest of the city by a series of canals. Christiansborg has over 800 years of history. Over the years, it burned down four times, but each time it was rebuilt. The last fire occurred in 1884, and after that the building that we can see today was built. The most impressive element of the architecture is a castle’s tower height of 106 meters (348 foot), there are still no buildings higher in Copenhagen then this tower.

Copenhagen is a fabulous city. The whole city is saturated with the spirit of Hans Christian Andersen tales.

Hans Christian Andersen is the world famous writer and poet. He is an author of such tales as “The Snow Queen”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Princess and the Pea”, “The Emperors New Clothes” and many others. Writer was born in 1805th in Denmark. He travelled a lot around the world, but always returned to his beloved Copenhagen.

The Danes are very proud that such a talented and famous writer originally from their country. There is an Andersen museum in Copenhagen where visitors can get acquainted with the life and work of the writer. And some houses still have commemorative tablets in his honour.

Some photo from evening walk. Fairytale Copenhagen

Another place to visit is the Copenhagen Zoo.

Copenhagen Zoo founded in 1859th and is one of the ten oldest zoos in Europe. The zoo is not very huge, both in area and in number of animal species available. But I think it’s necessary to visit it, if only because of the pandas. Look at these cuties! I love them so much.

After walking around the city, it's time to eat.

In Copenhagen, you can try a lot of delicious dishes, but one of the most famous is the Copenhagen sandwich. It’s called – Smørrebrød.

In every country sandwich is considered ordinary and not very healthy food, but in Denmark this belief is refuted. For locals sandwich is a real culinary art. Today, smørrebrød is the main feature of the national cuisine of Denmark. These Danish sandwiches prepared in every family and every cafe. There are even restaurants that specialize exclusively in smørrebrød.

Be sure to try this sandwich. Bon appetit and welcome to Copenhagen!