Hello friends,

I am writing you from the beautiful San Juan islands.

I have been here for the past few days and have really loved it.

The islands are completely magical and are filled with really beautiful people.


The past week has been a blast

I built a tiny house,

explored the hot springs in Olympic National Park,

ferry hopped between the San Juan islands,

met a TON of cool new people,

and spent a lot of time in nature.

I've built so much confidence in knowing that I can work ANYWHERE as a carpenter.

This paradigm first arose when I began cultivating my skills as cook ... I knew that I had a valuable skill that I could use to support myself anywhere in the world.

Now that I have added to my repertoire I feel even more robust in my ability to support myself as I travel.

Next week I am headed to Bellingham Washington.

I will return to Canada (via Victoria) and then take the ferry to Vancouver ...

it's about 50 miles shorter and Canada is cool.

I've got a job lined up in Bellingham and intend to spend the next two weeks doing:

  • fun carpentry projects
  • relaxing and enjoying nature
  • and retrofitting a van to live in

I've found a bunch on Craigslist that are really affordable and am excited to snag one and turn it into my home!

I will be sharing a lot of content once I begin the renovation so be sure to stay tuned!!

Thanks for joining me on my Journey!!