Coffee, Cafe's and Crypto : episode 3 : the Elm , Seattle, Wa

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Introducing ...

The Elm ...

Located in gorgeous Seattle, Wa, the Elm is a cafe that roasts their own beans! I stopped by earlier in the week after getting off an early flight from Denver. Boy was I ready to have a cup of coffee and did I get one at the Elm.

While I did not ask where their coffee is from, they have an in-house roasting operation where they prepare all of their own coffee. In addition to a bustling cafe, they have a pretty sweet website where they sell a variety of different products.

Join me as I enjoy a double americano, and have one of the best cups of coffee, to date, on Coffee, Cafe's and Crypto.

This was not my first time to Seattle. I’ve come to the rainy city a few times before. In past trips I did things like go to the Space needle and sample foods in Pike Place market, but this time it was strictly business. Straight off the plane I marched directly to the nearest Seattelite and ask “where is the best coffee in this town!” … They answered “Jeez! It’s right down the corner. The Elm! I’m Sorry!!” and scuttled away.

I walked over to said coffee shop in leisurely fashion and had the experience that I am going to describe for you now.

The Elm is located in downtown Seattle, right next to the China town district. You can grab a cup of coffee and then walk to grab a fresh pastry from a Hong-Kong stlye bakery.

Conveniently located right off of the public rail, the Elm, and most parts of Seattle, are incredibly easy to get to. I was able to take a train directly from the airport to station that was a few minutes of walking away from the cafe.

Join me today as I try new cafes and drink lot of tasty coffee!


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