I was not wrong when I used the term "Ultimate" in the title of the publication, because this trip is based on that: the greatest dream of an athlete is to develop professionally and live off their discipline, so when I received that call to inform me that there was been nominated as "the experience player the team needed", I felt that the years of effort once again paid off.

📷 Photo taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i.

"To the Ultimate of the Earth" is part of the "Collection of experiences" that I lived in Colombia in the last six months, where I visited some cities to play Ultimate Frisbee. That's why the name of this series, because this discipline has taken me far, and I hope to travel to the end of the earth playing with the disc.

The Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive sport without physical contact that is played with a flying disc. It consists of two teams (one attacking and one defensive), each with seven players, who must score points by capturing the frisbee in the end zone. This discipline is characterized by promoting the spirit of play, here the referees do not participate, so the game is based on the values of each athlete.

Diego Rondón is the name of the great friend and promoter of Ultimate in Colombia who called me to give me one of the best news of my life.

Weeks before receiving the proposal I felt frustrated for not having the economic possibilities to cover my basic sporting needs due to the situation in my country, (it was when I shared the post about the personal brand that I broke thanks to frustration) and suddenly I receive that invitation to reinforce La Roca Ultimate Club of Cúcuta in the Soul Up Tournament, held in September last year in Ocaña, Norte de Santander.

The solution to my frustration was to go for a run, not to run from it, on the contrary, to face it and overcome it. Thanks to that feeling I got my first 8.3K.

Also, it was my first tournament in the sister country. As soon as I hung up the phone I understood the message that life was giving me.

I understood that what I needed to project my passion had great value but not monetary, I did not need money to acquire it because everything was in me. I accept that materially we do require certain things, but if we had everything we would have no reason to make an effort. So very grateful I opted to work with what little I have, and that makes me feel lucky.

👣 it was time

📷 Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy SIII 8MP Smartphone, on the way to San Antonio del Táchira.

Steemit fell from the sky! The network has a lot to do with this trip; because for that date the only money I had was just 9 SBD of the month and a half I had to have joined the platform, and that was what I used to be able to move from Puerto La Cruz to Colombia, because the team would only cover my expenses in his country.

I quit my job with the professional football team, and asked for a two-week permit at the Physiotherapy office where I worked; I organized my bag, half was clothes and half was food; I asked my parents for a blessing and I set out on one of my dreams.

In total there were 26 hours of travel. I did not get a direct bus to my destination, so I left Puerto La Cruz stopping in Barinas, then in San Cristóbal and finally on the border of San Antonio del Táchira that gives way, through a bridge, to Cúcuta.

I arrived just at sunset; When I observed that sun among the clouds that seemed to be lit in a golden fire, I said "This is a sign! The trip is starting very well. "

📷 Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy SIII 8MP Smartphone, crossing the Simón Bolívar bridge.

In the middle of the border, two compañeras from La Roca, Astrid Robayo and Brenda Cuellar were waiting for me. It was very funny because we did not know each other, and I passed by them without distinguishing them when suddenly I heard behind me "that girl looks like Milka", I instantly knew that they were referring to me, because my name is not common. When I turned towards them our greeting was an uncontrolled laugh and a very tight hug.

The next day after I arrived, I met with the team to train. I can not express with words how amazing it feels that people you do not know receive you with such affection; from that moment each member of La Roca won my heart.

📌 The weather, the armor, the games and the seed

We left for Ocaña the night before. We stayed in tents in a Recreational Club near the Hermides Padilla Stadium (where the tournament would take place), and minutes after organizing, it started to rain.

Obviously the weather was much colder, there the average temperature is 22 ° while in Cúcuta it is normally 28 ° and up. Of course, we visited the municipality in September, full rainy season. Luckily there was only rainfall during the two nights of stay, in the games the climate was in favor.

The next morning we got up very early, as they would deliver the uniforms, or rather, the "armor"; for the low budget they had when they were sent to do, I did not receive one, but ... I received something better! Each shirt was named after the team members and there was mine! I felt so happy

On the first day of the games we all had something in common: tickling throughout the body, the emotion had us restless; but the nerves calmed down when before each game we gathered in a circle to pray.

La Roca is a Christian team with the aim of evangelizing through sports, and although I do not practice their religion, I fully support their work because they are working on the basis of love to harvest more of it and thus project light to humanity.

I remember that in the first prayer of the tournament I thanked God for among so many millions of people in the world to have chosen us to enjoy that experience, and I asked him to still, please, not give us facilities, because the simple paths They do not lead to a place that is worth it. So it was.

We lost all the games, but the value of a trophy could never be compared with the spiritual gain we had. I feel that learning was so much that we came to the competition being some and we returned home being others.

The adrenaline that the Ultimate produces helps you to know and to know your companions, because it is a state in which the elevation of the epinephrine "flies your head" to explain it. And I think that's where the most difficult part of practicing this discipline is: self-control. I always say that this sport teaches us to be better people because of that, because we must learn to maintain respect and tolerance in any situation.

I'm going to be very honest: I did not mind seeing the score at zero, when I watched my teammates make amazing plays on the frisbee, my heart exalted with joy and that was worth it. How they jumped, how they ran, how they threw the disc, how they flew through it ... Everything! Everything was worth it!

There were also moments of frustration, but that's where we got the best energy. For example, we were discussing the positive and negative aspects that were influencing our game, to which one of the boys, Ronald Sánchez, begins to sing the following song:

"Once in a seed contest, there was the youngest girl watching everyone parade in. And they made that silly joke, they said" stop "and stop was already.

Surely she thought "a flea like me will never be able to achieve anything important, that it would be so bad to be so insignificant, as I would like to be like an avocado pear, always safe and elegant".

And the jury, looking at the contestants, went over to the side of the big ones and went to their place and said, "Seed you won the contest to find the main figure of a story that is going to be more famous than Pelé" and that's how it is. as it was that mustard seed turned into a literary star, he never thought that being the most dwarfed seed was going to be the clearest representation of what God is going to use to do big things ... ".

Instantly we adopted a better attitude and we identified with the "Concurso de Semillas" of Santiago Benavides. We understood that just like the little seed, we were in a process of growth, and that we were nurturing ourselves to germinate at some point.

🏆 Losing is also win

I will share something very personal: after the first game I felt inefficient, because I felt that I could have given much more to win the game, I felt such pressure in my chest that I ventured crying, to which one of the club's leaders, Tatiana Rueda , it approaches me.

She tells me that we can not be weak to the world, that we must make ourselves strong on the outside to protect the divine energy that we carry within, and he recommended that the next time I wanted to download my emotions I did it in private, because there are people who see me as a example of sportsman to follow, but the weaknesses are not admirable.

I listened to him, I left my body and my heart in the field in the next games. The next day I was convinced that "God manifests through people," because I received three messages from him.

A friend, who in Colombia is recognized as one of the best players in his city, told me he was playing very well, and that he wanted to give me a shirt, since we used the same number (seventy-two). Then, one of the best teams in Bucaramanga also invited me to reinforce them because they needed girls, and the fact that among so many players who attended the competition, they called me, it motivated me incredibly; Finally, in the final match, one of the players of the opposing team gave me a cap with the phrase "do not stop following".

When I returned to Cúcuta, I did all this analysis, and I concluded that blessings do not happen to anyone; that's why I treasure every detail.


The invitation from La Roca represented a great responsibility for me because if someone invites you to play it is because you think you have something good to contribute, and although seven years later I still feel like a newbie in this, the most amazing way to thank someone who Believe in your skills is giving the best of you.

In general, all this experience taught me that "when something goes wrong, it can go much better". And here I go, making the disc fly as far as possible.

And to you, has any call changed your life?

✏️ (My native language is Spanish, sorry if I use any expression they do not understand, I try to translate the text as best as possible, but if you have any questions you can ask me).