Discovering Serbia (part two)

Miroslav @miroslavrcJuly 2019 · 2 min read

Let's continue our little day trip that we had in Sunday. After we finished with Krupajsko vrelo, our next stop was about 30km from Krupaja and it's called Lisine.


But before I show you photos from there I will first share photos of our 30km trip and what we saw outside while we were on the road.

We passed through monastery Manasija but we couldn't go there because we were wearing shorts and they are forbidden. What can we do, it was pretty hot that day. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It looks amazing from outside by the way.


Some photos of people that were on the road. It's pretty scary to see people walking by the road because roads are not straight and you can't see who is coming from different direction. You need to react pretty fast when you are driving on these roads.





Before we got to our destination, our friend had to go to do "number two" so we waited him outside and at that point of time I found this little butterfly that was waiting for me to take photo of him. :D


And finally we have arrived to our destination and we were amazed by view and untouched nature that was all around us. On every, let's say, 10 meters you could see different water stream that looks completely different than other one.







Funny story. This is my friend who, on every waterfall stop, washed his face with fresh cold water. Next day, he told us he is ill, because of that water that was so cold. It's nothing scary, just a flu from cold. :D


And at around 19h we packed our stuff and started heading home, few minutes before storm. It was raining like crazy at highway so we had to turn our vehicle so we can wait for storm to stop. Clouds were so dark at one moment that we thought it will be huge tornado...



Everything was fine at the end, we came home at one piece. :D

Thank you for stopping by! :)


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Nice captures. I haven´t seen many travel posts on Serbia here but obviously, this country has a lot to offer. Thanks for showing us :)


These are absolutely stunning 😍

What a beautiful location, and you seriously captured it in such a detailed way. It looks like you guys had an awesome adventure!


Thank you very much, I'm glad that you liked it. We had such an amazing day. :)


One of my best friends is from Serbia, and I was so lucky to be able to travel back there with him! We spent a week sighting and it’s so beautiful. That whole area is incredible.


Nice to hear that. It really is a beautiful place to chill and relax. :)


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Serbia is beautiful I agree, same as the people. Your neighbour from Romania speaking :) Great photos!


Thank you. I have never been to Romania, I guess you have amazing nature as well. Cheers! :)


I have been to Serbia twice, in Belgrade and in the Subbotica region. Wonderful country


Subotica has Palić lake that looks really beautiful. Personally, I don't like Belgrade at all. :D


I was in Belgrade on business. But the city is extremely interesting to me with its history. I read a lot about Belgrad in childhood. Therefore, I viewed this city with great excitement.