Traveling to Budapest (part one)

Miroslav @miroslavrcSeptember 2018 · 3 min read

Hello dear steemians! I'm gonna talk you a little bit about my trip to Budapest, Hungary.

It was Monday morning, my sister and I waited for our transport to arive. Driver said that he will come to us at 8am, but of course, he was late one and a half hour. It was cold morning and I didn't bring anything to warm me up, my shirts and pants were all short. That was my first wrong thing that I did, I know now, I need to bring some jacket or sweater with me next time.

We drove for about 5 hours from Novi Sad to our address in Budapest. Everything was good and we didn't waited for long at border. When we arrived, it was about 2pm and we just placed our stuff in apartment and went outside to walk.

Our first stop was some place to eat. I don't know place where we ate but I know that food was delicious. While we were eating, across the street was place called Great Market Hall. It's place where you can buy ingredients for making food, magnets and some other colorful stuff. I already made post about that here. I just wanted to show you this photo that I loved the most from that place, it's really pretty and colorful.


Our plan was to go and see Heroes Square. We had about 5km to walk from our location. While we were walking I wanted to take photos of buildings, I really like their architecture. It's really satisfying to see this photo of building with opened all windows.


Few streets later I found this street that has tunnel made of trees, it's really refreshing to see street that has always shade on hot summer days. We stayed there for a little bit to take a rest.


Far away from us, we saw this wheel coaster from where you can see panorama of Budapest. I wanted to take silhouette of this wheel, so I had to go to manual mode on my camera to set shutter speed to make silhouette.


Few steps later we found this traffic roundabout that has on each quarter has statues of famous person in Hungary, and this is Zrínyi Miklós, croatian poet. Because it was clear sky I had to make this photo interesting, not to have half of photo with clear sky, so I had idea to make it interesting buy placing some tree branches to fill up empty space.


At this point, we were at Heroes Square. Place were you can see statue complex featuring the Seven chieftains of the Magyars and other important Hungarian national leaders. It's beautiful place, and I think, one of most visited place in Budapest.


We were hanging out there for about half an hour, and at that point, sun started to set. And as you can see, there were some clouds so it was easier to walk around, it was way fresher to walk.


Next to that place was City park, where we spent most of our time, just chilling and taking photographs. Here are some photos that I took.




Night has fallen and it was time to go to our apartment, because we were so exhausted from walking and my camera battery was dying. I took only this photo at night, that runner was on a perfect place at perfect time. :)


This is the end of day one. We had such a great time, walking and enjoying beauty of Budapest.

Have a nice night, and stay tuned for day two. :)

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ErikaH @erikahSeptember 2018

Those ceramic plates are lovely and the "Vásárcsarnok" must have been great!
I've been to these places years ago.
@melinda010100, pottery for you! ;)


I would have missed this! Thanks for pointing it out to me @erikah ! You knew I would love seeing it!

ErikaH @erikahSeptember 2018

You're welcome my friend! I'm glad I have come across it.


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photofeed @photofeedSeptember 2018

Nice framing on that first shot! Resteemed.


Wonderful photos! I love that pottery. And your shot with the building with the windows open is incredible. wow! I really like that a lot

Miroslav @miroslavrcSeptember 2018

Thank you very much for that! I'm really glad that you liked it. :)