Traveling to Budapest (part two)

Miroslav @miroslavrcSeptember 2018 · 4 min read

Hello dear steemians! It's time for day two in Budapest! Here you can see day one of my trip to Budapest.

Let's start!

Night before was pretty exhausting so we slept very well for our day two walk around Budapest. Our plan was to go and see Citadel, Parliament and Margaret island.

This is photo that I took of Parliament that I wanted to make it as my thumb photo for my post. :D


We started by going over Liberty bridge that looks amazing, with beautiful architecture and design. View that you are getting from this bridge is so pleasing to eyes. You can capture amazing details of Budapest from this bridge. Only thing that I didn't liked was too much tourist boats.


As you can see, you can see Liberty Statue, our goal was to go there. It's placed on Gellért Hill and statue commemorates those who sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom, and prosperity of Hungary. Statue is 14m tall.


Here is some detail of the Liberty bridge that I really liked. Attention to details of this bridge is amazing, everything is placed perfect.


Here is some building that is placed into the hill, I'm not sure what is this, I only found name but everything is in Hungarian. Place is called Pálos kolostor. It looks like it is blended in with hill rocks, color of bricks are almost same as rocks.


Before we started heading up to the hill I found this building with beautiful design that is surrounded with those green leaves. I really love this photo.


While we were in about middle of the hill we wanted to take a little rest and look at beautiful panorama that this hill gives to people. That bench really makes composition of this photo more interesting and that red color really stands out from everything other.


Here is few photos that I took from this hill, some details that I captured.



When we done everything on that hill we started heading to Buda castle, because it was along the way and it looks perfect with all of those greenery and flowers.


Of course, my sister wanted from me to take some photos of her looking at Budapest from this balcony that is placed in Buda castle. This was took with my phone by the way. There weren't much tourist as I thought, which is nice. :D


This is just some snapshot that I really liked. It's some restaurant that we saw while we were walking. Place doesn't look perfect but it has something that stands out, windows and color of the walls.


I didn't took photos of Margaret island, but we had such a great time there. It has some musical fountain and beautiful park where you can go by driving some rental bikes that is not expensive at all.

After we saw everything in that island, sun already set. I waited for a perfect moment to take some silhouette of this ship. These two people made scene much better, it looked like from Titanic movie. :D


And at the end, some night photos that I took of bridge and Parliament building that looks amazing at night with all of those lighting.




Day three was only waiting for our ride to come and take us home, we waited whole day in Arena Plaza shopping center, where we bought some stuff for our parents as gift.

That is all from my traveling to Budapest, there is a lot more photos but it will be too much for this post. I will upload more photos of Budapest in my future posts.

Have a great night. :)

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Lovely place . You can see all the beauty that the place offers, and nothing better than seeing that at nightfall all the architectural beauties of the place light up.

Thank you for showing us something about Budapest and giving that visual pleasure to people who have not been there.

Miroslav @miroslavrcSeptember 2018

Thank you for your kind words! I'm really glad that you liked it. :)

Ravijojla @ravijojlaSeptember 2018

Adorable images! It's hard to decide to whom of the two ladies, Budapest or the blond princess the crown should go. I'm impressed with the allusions you create in this post. One of my favourite!

Seth @yumyumsethSeptember 2018

Looks like such a cool city! I'd love to visit Budapest someday. Nice shots!

Miroslav @miroslavrcSeptember 2018

It is indeed. You will be amazed with beautiful architecture of this city, I highly suggest you to go there and see it by yourself. :)

Seth @yumyumsethSeptember 2018

Sounds like a plan! :)