Hallo my dear steemian! I'm glad you did,nt pass by and now you are reading these lines. How are you? I would like to give you a short story about my travel along the Goa. Here you can see the first parts of the story.

During our first trip we were accompanied by some annoying misunderstandings. The cause of our failures was an unhappy scooter. So we met with the owner of the rental and demanded to give us another bike. But the rental owner sworn all the Shivas and Brahmaputras, that this time the technique will not fail. In addition, he appealed to our pity, reminding of the losses incurred by him when replacing the pierced wheel. We decided not to change the 'iron horse'.


"We'll go north, We'll go north," --- Tabaka, Sherkhan's best friend (by Rudyard Kipling)

Probably many of you all could remember how the charming friend of Sherkhan named Tabaka called all animals to the north of India, but then we decided to go to the south. We were hypnotized by the stories of the hindus about the magical beaches of the south Goa.

Along the coast to the south leads a picturesque two-lane path.

We are on the road again. We drive past brightly painted villas, cozy cafes, sugar-white Catholic churches ...

Before our eyes appeared classical southeast landscapes in the form of a wall of palm trees and muddy rivers.



On the road there is a shortage of gas stations. You need to ask the local how to find the nearest one.


After the Cavelossim beach, the road leads to a small pass with spectacular serpentines.
I really liked the temple standing in the green jungle bowl


Traffic on the pass is almost nonexistent. On the road, there are mostly tourists on different motor vehicles. About motorcycles, it makes sense to write a couple of lines. Types are the most diverse: the simplest licensed Honda, muscular blood red Yamaha and the legendary English "Enfields". These licensed British have a noble deep motor sound and a very impressive exterior.

On the way to the beach Agonda there is a cool restaurant of the luxury class. To our surprise, the prices was not higher than in the simplest cafe near our hotel.

Serving dishes above all praise!



A breathtaking view was opened from the veranda of the restaurant...

Agonda beach is really picturesque, and certainly crowded.

There were thoughts of staying for a couple of days in the pretty bungalows of Agonda.

However, we were confused by the stormy weather and we decided to turn the shafts to the north. The film spun in the opposite direction: serpentines, jungles, villages, villas ...


It was getting dark fast. At night traffic in India acquires an indescribable impression. But I'm used to this confusion, and happily added a shrill beep of my scooter to the general cacophony.

Then came the southern velvet evening. And then the Kenyan waiter brought shrimps the size of a horse, and there was an enchanting pint of "Kingfisher" for cozy conversations ...

to be continued ;-)

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