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One day, me and my friends decided to show our children an abandoned airfield. To be precise, the aviation training center. And it turned out to be not so neglected ...

To our surprise there were conducted training flights. Instructors taught young boys to fly. How I envied them! Being a pilot is a dream of my childhood. As I understand from the conversation with the flight controller, the state allocates some funds for training new pilots. Not on such a scale as before, but it does. That is, on the remains of the air center there is a kind of life!

We watched the landing and taxiing Jaks-52, and chatted with the dispatcher. He was very kind, invited us to the control room. The conversation, of course, was about flying. I mostly asked about the training program. It turned out that any individual can be trained for flights for money. (Note - if there is a positive opinion of the medical board)

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I remember that I asked about the aerobatics figures. The dispatcher raised an eyebrow, smiled ... and said to one of the instructors: "Listen, they are our people. Let's drive the guests! Make it cool!"

So... I am in Yak's cabin. The pilot asks me not to touch anything, and especially accentuates my attention to the steel cables, with which he will fly the plane :-) I'm interested in him, how to use the parachute. The pilot authoritatively responds that it will not come to this before. Then we discuss the program of figures. I was very interested in getting impressions from some aerobatics figures, such as a corkscrew, a dive, a dead loop ... so to be honest, I was interested in everything: control cables, appliances, how the plexiglas of the cabin looks ...

The pilots decided to work out a pair. Under the tight hum of the engine we are waiting for the team. On the taxiing the leader ...

We get the command. The motor changes the timbre. The control cables began to move under their feet. The airplane, swaying and shuddering at the junctions of the concrete, is moving along the strip. I feel a light excitement ...

And here we are to the left of the lead. There is a radio exchange between the pilots and the dispatcher. The command sounds for take-off! The engine screamed. Yak starts and starts overclocking. We are accelerating after the leader. And here he is the moment of victory over the earthly attraction.

We're flying!

The pilot repeats the master's orders. We swim under the fields. The plane falls smoothly down, then it just as smoothly soars up ...

The mirror of the Great River seemed!

The leader's command sounds. The planes are being rebuilt. We stand in the right bearing.

Under the wing - My City

Monastery is like toy.

We pass over the historic center of the city. It takes breath from the spectacular river panorama!

The second part programs - aerobatics. The planes diverge and the fun begins. The pilot says something to me ... and the plane turns over. From the floor, dust accumulates on the cockpit glass. blades of grass ...

I barely hold the camera. Then the plane is leveled and begins a sharp rise up. I feel the speed drop. At some point the yak stops, falls on the wing, lowers the nose and starts to spin. I'm lost in space. In the eyes of everything flashes: earth-sky, earth-sky ...

The pilot exits the corkscrew. We're diving. The earth is rapidly approaching. I feel him grabbing the handle of control sharply. Yak shudders ... Overload! The body is filled with lead, cheeks creep down, Cannon begins to weigh 500 tons, in the eyes slightly darkens ... We again climb up. Turn over, and down again. We pass over the airfield. All anything, but we fly upside down. I get the impression that the whole weight of the plane weighs on me. Then the pilot starts rotating the aircraft around the axis of motion. Lord! I hope he knows what he is doing ...

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Класс! А я в детстве в кукурузнике летал пассажирском. Помню, рвало меня в гигиенический пакет изрядно : ))) И, да, когда садишься в пилотскую кабину, конечно нельзя ничего трогать, это уж точно!

Я тоже боялся рвоты, но как ни странно позывов не было

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Отличные фото! Даже полетать немного захотелось :)