moncia90 @moncia90February 2019

Re: Walk with me - a sunny day in Aarau

We are almost neighboors: I live in Italy (Tuscany) and also here the weather is good with a beautiful shining sun in the sky.
I think we are in spring, even if this weekend cold temperature could come.
However have a nice weekend!!!
Steem on!


My friend is renovating a house in Italy. Her husband already lives there and she'll be moving there in a year or two. She is very excited about that region. It's somewhere in the middle of Florence and Rome (if I'm not mistaken)..

It's definitely too warm for this time of the year. I'm not complaining though.. just saying :)

Have a lovely weekend!

moncia90 @moncia90February 2019

I live there, between those two towns. I am from Siena. Take a look to Google Maps to have a clearer idea.👍