In the course of my 2 years hiatus in blogging, aside from my work in the office. I'm also lucky to get involved during group travels as well as when my
boss needs to catch an ocular.

Sa loob ng 2 years na hiatus ko sa blogging, bukod sa trabaho ay maswerte din akong nakakasama sa mga group travel ng agency at sa tuwing kailangan mag-ocular ng boss ko.

What is Group Travel?

A booking for a large number of people. Mostly this booking comes from a company. They give this experience as an incentive for their employees. Let's all wish that to everyone!

Ano ang Group Travel?

Pang maramihan na booking. Madalas, mula ito sa isang company. Pa-incentive nila sa mga empleyado ang travel experience na ito. Sabay-sabay niyo sabihin sana all!

What is an Ocular?

In the Philippines, we use this word to describe an event that involves a trip to inspect a place. To check everything that has a connection to the travel service. Such as the hotel, transfer, food, and those places our guest where they will come.

That's how attention to detail this travel agency that I work for. To set out a great standard for our clients ahead of time. During the ocular, this is when we see if the room is comfortable? How much is the travel time from the Airport to the hotel? Would the guest enjoy the food there? In this agency, everything has to be the best experience for our guests!

Ano ang Ocular?

Sa Pilipinas, ginagamit namin ang salitang ito para ilarawan ang ang pag iinspeksyon sa sa isang lugar. Ito yung pupunta kami sa isang travel destination upang i-check ang mga bagay na may kinalaman serbisyo ng pag-biyahe. Halimbawa, hotel, sasakyan, pag-kain, at pati yung tourist spots sa lugar na yon.

Ganon kabusisi ang travel agency kung saan ako nagtatrabaho para mas mapabuti ang serbisyo pagdating sa mga cliente. Sa ocular, dito namin nalalaman kung maayos ba ang kwarto? Ilang oras ang biyahe mula airport papunta sa hotel, magugustuhan ba ng guest. Sa agency namin, dapat lahat the best!

We know that we can't please everybody but at the best of what we can do, we want to ace the service we will bring on the table.

Alam naman namin na hindi mapi-please ang lahat pero hanggat kaya namin gusto ng agency na mataas na kaledad ng serbisyo ang aming tanging ibibigay.

Shanghai Disneyland at hand.
Shanghai Disneyland at hand.

Today, I will share our flight to Shanghai, China last November 2019. This was a 2D1N Tour Package, inclusive of RT Transfer, Hotel, Tours, Transpo during the Tour, and the foods. That is why for now, I can't give a commuting tip here. Our stay in Shanghai might be limited, but I divided this trip into two blogs 'cause I got a lot of stories to tell!

Ngayong araw, ibabahagi ko sa inyo ang aming paglipad sa Shanghai, China noong November 2019. 2D1N Package ito kaya inclusive na ang roundtrip airport transfer, hotel, tour, transpo during the tour, at pagkain. Hindi ako makakapag bigay ng commuting tips sa ngayon. Maiksi man ang araw ng pag-stay namin, hinati ko sa dalawang blog ang trip at marami akong gustong i-kwento!

We traveled to the airport early to avoid traffic. You know how bad the flow of the traffic in the Philippines during Ber-Months due to the spirit of Christmas. This is the time when Filipinos are hyper-active doing shoppings!

I immediately surpass in the immigration, but I get hooked at a security officer after the immigration. She suddenly stopped me from walking and asked for my passport. The lady in the front murmured that those officers are judging people according to their appearances. I smirked and wondered... Do I really look that bad? Someone who'll do no good? It's wonderful that my passport had a few stamps already. That's why she can't even utter a word as she opened it. Well, even if it was an uncomfortable feeling to be suspected. We can't blame these officers because it's their job. And there's a lot of sneaky Filipinos who go out as a tourist and never come back, to work overseas until some of them get a bad fate out there. It's a real headache for our government if one of us gets in trouble abroad. We all knew some of us to love to blame everything in the government.

Dahil Ber-months noon, talagang inagahan namin ang pag-alis papuntang Airport para iwas sa traffic. Alam niyo naman kung gano kalala ang daloy ng trapiko sa Pilipinas tuwing Ber-months dulot sang nalalapit na pasko. Hyper ang mga Pinoy mag-shopping.

Mabilis din ako noong nakalagpas non sa Immigration, sumabit lang sa security after Immigration. Biglang pinahinto ako sa pag-lalakad at chineck yung passport ko. Sabi nung Ale na nasa unahan, Discriminasyon yan. Tumitingin daw kasi sila sa itsura. Naoangisi na lang ako. Ano ba itsura ko, mukhang gagawa ng di maganda? Buti nalang meron ng stamps yung passport kaya shut up yung officer pagbuklat niya. Well, kahit medyo nakakahiya yung feeling na pinaghialaan ka, wala tayo magagawa kasi trabaho nila yon. Madami din kasi talagang pasaway na lumalabas ng bansa bilang turista tapos hindi na bumabalik hanggang sa napapahamak ang iba. Masakit din naman talaga sa ulo kung may makalusot na isang kababayan natin tapos mapapahamak lang sa abroad dahil sa gobyerno nanaman yan isisisi ng iba.

Our seat was in the middle part of the plane. The aircraft was huge but there were a lot of vacant seats when were finally up in the sky that’s when I and my boss change seats. Where we can sleep alone and relax our feet at the seat next to us. We loved to do that whenever there is no stewardess looking around. How comfortable is that?
Our seat was in the middle part of the plane. The aircraft was huge but there were a lot of vacant seats when were finally up in the sky that’s when I and my boss change seats. Where we can sleep alone and relax our feet at the seat next to us. We loved to do that whenever there is no stewardess looking around. How comfortable is that?

Sa bandang gitna kami nabigyan ng upuan. Malaki yung eroplano pero hindi puno kaya nung nasa alapaap na kami. Kaniya-kaniya kaming hanap ng pwesto ng boss ko. Yung wala katabi para makatulog ata taas paa. Yun ang trip namin, lipat ng pwesto pag walang stewardess na nakatingin. Ayos diba?

Just as the plane touch down, I can see the glimmering runway that looks like stars. The closer we get, the brighter it becomes to my sight.
Just as the plane touch down, I can see the glimmering runway that looks like stars. The closer we get, the brighter it becomes to my sight.

**Okay, let's now move in the part of our arrival to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. You'd definitely wish that our airport was as beautiful as theirs. **

Okay move on na tayo pagdating sa Shanghai Airport. Mapapa-China all ka talaga dahil sobrang ganda nung Airport nila. Tapos habang pa-landing yung eroplano kita ko yung nagniningning na runway parang mga bituin. Habang papalapit ng papalapit lalong naliliwanag.

Their immigration is smooth and hassle-free! They have an impressive Entry Record Self-Service Kiosk Machine that resembles the ATM that we have here on our country. We input our travel information at hand, scanned the passport and fingerprint. And how high-tech it was! Welcome to Shanghai, China!

Sobrang ayos at hassle free ng immigration nila! Nakakabilib yung mga Entry Record Self-Service Kiosk Machine na kamukha ng ATM dito satin. Doon nag input kami ng travel information, ini-scan ang passport at finger print. Sobrang hightech! Welcome to Shanghai, China!

Our gorgeous tour guide Roxanne waited for us outside. She leads us to the accommodation at Ramada Shanghai Hotel.

Sa labas nag-aabang samin ang super pretty na tour guide si Roxanne. Hinatid niya kami sa aming tutuluyan, sa Ramada Shanghai Hotel.

This is a 4-star hotel that do look like a 5 star! The room was huge and they gave us two beds. We had a nice nap.

Here’s a selfie before we fly to the slumberland!
Here’s a selfie before we fly to the slumberland!

4 star na mukhang 5 star! Grabe ang laki ng kwarto at tag-isa kami ng kama. Ang sarap ng tulog namin dito. Ayan nyelpie muna bago matulog!

The hotel standard is great! The lobby area is perfect for a group of people. The room is huge. How about Ramada's Buffet Breakfast? Of course, it's satisfying and the variety is plenty! Although I had only eaten this little, we will have a busy day ahead it's not appropriate to overeat, I had to eat the just right amount and avoid throwing up the same as the call of nature.

Ayos ang hot. Maluwag ang lobby para sa grupo. Malaki ang kwarto. Eh ang Buffet Breakfast kaya ni Ramada? Siyempre, siguradong nakakabusog ata maraming pag-pipilian yan! Kahit ito lang kinain ko, dahil magiging busy ang buong araw bawal masiyadong busog, yung sakto lang para iwas suka at tawag ng kalikasan.

We visited Disneyland first, supposing that we don't have to inspect inside if it's a good spot. It was no doubt that our guest will enjoy here. Like what they say...

Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth!

What my boss's concern is if how far the parking area from the themed park's entrance? We have to be certain that for the greater good of our guest, not everybody is able to walk that far. In my count, we walked for like 11-15mins from the parking. And we had to inform our clients about that, particularly to the elderly and others who are incapable to travel on foot at a great distance.

Una namin dinalaw yung Disneyland, hindi na kailangan i-check kung maganda ba dito at masaya dahil sabi nga nila...

Pinakamasayang lugar sa mundo ang disneyland!

Ang gusto malaman ng boss ko, ay kung gaano kalayo ang bus parking sa entrance ng Disneyland. Kailangan alalahanin natin ang kapakanan ng guest, hindi naman lahat ay kaya mag-lakad ng malayo. Sa bilang ko umabot ng 11-15mins na lakaran mula sa parking. At yan ay kailangan namin ipaalam sa client lalo sa mga may edad na o sino mang hindi kaya maglakad ng ganon kalayo at katagal.

Our next spot was at the Latex Factory. Taking pictures is off-limit here. Inside, they have a museum that explains the partnership between China and Thailand about the production of Latex. On the upper floor, they have a showroom of different products made on it. Most of them were used in the bedroom such as pillow and cushion. After our visit to the latex factory, we had a short discussion inside the service van if our guest would be interested to come here.

Based on the comments we heard from our previous clients that had visited China, Taiwan, and South Korea, it seems like Filipinos do not take pleasure in SILK, TEA, JADE, and GINSENG factory/shop tour. Honestly, the prices of the products sold in these types of places aren't practical. If we're only able to remove this at the itinerary but we cannot. Our tour operator here is required to include this, essentially for package type of tour. I believe they do this to introduce their local products to more people that would boost the industry.

Sunod namin pinuntahan yung Latex Factory. Hindi ako nakapag picture sa loob dahil bawal. Sa loob may museum na nagpapaliwanag ng ugnayan ng bansang China at Thailand tungkol sa produksyon ng Latex. Sa ibang palapag, nandoon naman nakadisplay ang mga iba't-ibang produkto na gawa sa latex. Karamihan dito ay gamit sa kwarto tulad ng unan, at kutson. Pagkatapos naming bisitahin ang latex factory, nag-usap kami sa loob ng service van ng boss ko kung magugustuhan ba ng mga cliente bumisita dito.

Sa mga narinig naming opinion sa mga nakalipas namin cliente na nagpunta sa China, Taiwan, South Korea, para bang hindi naeenjoy ng mga Filipino ang pag-bisita sa mga factory/shop ng SILK, TEA, JADE, at GINSENG. Sa totoo lang, hindi practical ang presiyo ng mga tinda dito. Kung pwede lang sana alisin sa itinerary pero hindi pwede. Kailangan talaga itong mapuntahan lalo't package ang tour. Sa tingin ko ginagawa nila ito, upang maipakilala pa sa mas marami ang mga local nilang produkto at matulungan ang industriya.

We didn't try to inspect the Silk Factory, our next examination was at the Buffet Restaurant where our guest would also eat for lunch. In here, I realized that Samgyupsal wasn't only known to South Korea and in the Philippines but also here in Shanghai, China. What did we feast on? What else than the meat of pork, beef, and fresh vegetables! What's our review for this restaurant? The food was appetizing! Although I cannot properly tell more information about this place, I'm not able to understand a word on the signboard.

Hindi na kami dumalaw sa Silk Factory, sunod naming ininspect ang Buffet Restaurant kung saan kakain ang aming guest ng lunch. At dito ko napagtanto na hindi lang pala sa Korea at Pilipinas uso ang Samgyupsal kundi sa Shanghai, China din. Anong kinain namin? Ano pa kundi karne ng baboy, baka, at gulay! Review namin sa restaurant? Masarap ang pagkain! Totoo naman, para sa impormasiyon ng restaurant... Pakibasa nalang po at di ko po maintindhan yung nakasulat.

After we filled our stomach, we proceed to the most recognized landmark of Shanghai, The Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

It has an immense height of 468 meters. There were 3 attractions inside: The Space Capsule, Shanghai Municipal Museum, and the Sight-seeing corridor which floor is transparent because it was made of glass.
It has an immense height of 468 meters. There were 3 attractions inside: The Space Capsule, Shanghai Municipal Museum, and the Sight-seeing corridor which floor is transparent because it was made of glass.

**We were so terrified to stand on the glass floor because no joke I can't even stare straight down! It feels like you'll fall. I don't trust that kind of flooring! But the children that were there seem they're enjoying the glass floor. One acts like catching a fish, one was swimming, and few jumps on it. It was so exciting, the place gives a different thrill.**

Panoramic view at top of Oriental Pearl Tv Tower
Panoramic view at top of Oriental Pearl Tv Tower

Much like that, the panoramic view is enticing. Observe the massive number of buildings, appreciate the view of Huangpu River. You will see the broad location and modernity of this city.

That’s Shanghai’s World Financial Center
That’s Shanghai’s World Financial Center

Pagkatapos namin mabondat sa kabusugan, ayon at tumuloy na kami sa isa sa mga kilalang landmark ng Shanghai. Ang Oriental Pearl Tower. Nakakalula ang taas nitong tower na nasa 468 meters. Sa loob ay makikita ang tatlong actractions: The Space Capsule, Shanghai Municipal Museum, at ang Sight-seeing corridor na transparent ang sahig. Grabe takot namin umapak walang biro di nga ko makatingin ng dretso pababa! Parang mahuhulog ka. Wala ako tiwala sa sahig na yon eh. Pero yung mga bata na nadatnan namin parang naghuhuli pa ng isda at nag-siswimming pa, yung iba tumatalon-talon pa. Sobrang exciting at kakaiba ang thrill ng experience kapag umakyat ka dito. Ganun pa man, napakaganda ng view ng city. Kita mo kung gano kadami yung building, tanaw din ang Huangpu River. Napakalawak ng matatanaw mo, dito sa makikita gaano kaunlad ng siyudad na ito.

We went over Mi Store, located upfront of Oriental Peal Tower as we wait for our order at HeyTea Milk Tea. This brand is popular in the Philippines. I just feel pleased to visit their store here in China.

Dumaan din kami sa Mi Store na nakapwesto sa tapat ng Oriental Pearl Tower. Habang umorder ng HeyTea Milk Tea. Ikot-ikot kami sa store. Kilala itong brand dito sa Pilipinas. Natuwa lang ako pumasok sa store nila dito mismo sa China.

I think I can survive here in China because they have a lot of supply for my vitamins. HAHA! Just kidding! I don't really drink this everyday cause I know it contains a lot of sugar and will affect my hormones. Roxanne beats all those people that I know who loves to drink this. Would you believe that she drinks this every day? We're so shookt after we heard her say that sometimes she drinks Milktea twice a day! How did she do that? She's so slim that's why I can't process if where she hides all those sugars?

Feeling ko mabubuhay ako dito sa China dahil madaming supply ng vitamins ko. Haha! Kahit di naman ako araw-araw umiinom nito. Itong tour guide namin na si Roxanne ang malupit. Akalain mong araw-araw siya lumalaklak ng Milktea. Minsan dalawang beses pa sa isang araw. Na-shookt talaga kami e! Sexy sexy pero grabe hilig niya sa matamis. Pano niya nagagwa yon? Di ko maisip saan niya tinatago yung mga asukal?

The sun was down when we arrived at the cruise. Our guest will have their dinner here during one night of their stay here in Shanghai. Just like the previous restaurants we've visited, they also serve Buffet Dinner. I didn't forget to take one spring roll up to the deck with me. The wind from Huangpu River was numbing cold that night, my legs were dramatically shaking even though I was wearing a leather jacket. I forgot that I was only wearing a mini skirt as my bottom.

Inabot na din kaming ng hapon sa daan para maexperience ang cruise. Dito magdidinner ang aming guest sa isa sa mga gabi nila dito sa Shanghai. Tulad ng ibang meals ay Buffet din dito. Hindi ko nakalimutang kumupit ng spring rolls at dinala ko talaga sa taas. Grabe ang lamig ng hangin na nanggagaling sa Huangpu River, asin ngatog talaga ako kahit naka leather jacket ako kasi naman naka-mini skirt ako non.

Eating lumpiang shanghai in Shanghai, China!
Eating lumpiang shanghai in Shanghai, China!

After dinner, we watched the light show from the digital lights in these concrete jungle. The show was jaw-dropping, I was so amazed by the beauty of Shanghai Skyline. The light is dancing in different colors. This is one of the best views that I can suggest for wedding proposals. The background is perfect and romantic, as well as the idea of having dinner on this cruise.

Pagkatapos ng dinner, pinanuod namin ang lightshow na mula sa mga digital lights ng buildings. As in laglag panga mo sa pagkamangha sobrang ganda ng Shanghai Skyline. Sumasayaw sa iba't-ibang kulay ng ilaw. Isa ito sa masusuggest ko na perfect place kapag magpropose ka sa siyota mo. Ang ganda ng background niyo tapos romatic pa kasi nasa cruise kayo.

And this how our first day went for our Shanghai ocular. The aim of this blog to my readers an idea about China. I know, most of you still feel cranky about this country due to the recent occurrence. But I suggest to every one of you to try and open our mind. Not every Chinese is an enemy. Racism is an awful behavior. It's a negative vibe, don't generalize them or any nationality. Do not bite someone's head off. Goodvibes only!

At ito ang unang araw ng aming ocular sa Shanghai. Ang layunin ng blog na ito ay ipasilip kung anong meron sa bansang China. Alam ko madami sa inyo ang mainit ang ulo ngayon sa bansang ito dahil sa mga recent na pangyayari pero buksan natin ang ating isipan dahil hindi lahat ng Tsino ay masamang tao. Hindi maganda ang racism okay? Negative vibe yan, wag natin i-generalized ang mga chinese. Huwag maging mapan-mata. Good vibes lang tayo dito!