Re: Wandering Hearts and Aeroplane Pajamas

oh those aeroplane pajamas! ini and i loved reading this.. so heartwarming and what a good and honest adventure. i can relate to you so much.. esp about setting off from your hometown... and finding

I liked things crazy. I liked being on the edge of life and seeing how I responded to it. No one judged me. No one had stories of who I'd been or who I was. I was just who I was. What a blissful experience that was for me.

me too <3 and that is part of the glory of your travel. i know you have so many more of these little stories stored inside of you and i hope to hear at least a few more of them xoxo


Yes I really loved things crazy then I still like travel when it's a little harder. However I kind of like life a bit softer now. I'm not sure I could tell half of my stories on steemit but you know they will probably come out on discord. I'm really glad you enjoyed it as this is quite a big part of my journey as it all happened in the build up to Saturn returns


XOXO those g'dam saturn returns?!! what would we do with them/what we would we do without them? our discord chats are pure gold... can't wait to hear more XO let it all hang out