Moz @moz333May 2019

Re: Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, the Upper Reaches.

There's a funny sort of feeling you get when you see something you recognise then realise it's only 5 minutes from your front door, almost like when you unexpectedly see a photo of yourself...not sure if anyone else gets that, could just be me.... really good post showing the gardens, but I agree at how disappointing it is to see that pesticide sign there - I'd be very interested to find out what type of pesticide it was hence what pest they are trying to combat. Surely there's a more natural/organic solution to whatever problem they're facing?


Haha! Yes.
Even an organic pesticide doesn't discriminate. I've found getting the birds back in one of the best ways to control many pests and the balance has gotten better each year. There are certain times when earwigs or weavils come in larger numbers, so I collect what I can up for the chickens.