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Who doesn't want to travel? To see different beautiful places that nature offers. The beaches, the mountains, the establishment and most of all the people. Being in a different places will make us excited for sure. Of course the surrounding is new, the tradition is different and it's culture.

When we think of travelling of course we must know where we will start. Today's world will help us to reach around the world even if it's far. There is transportation and travels will become easier now. The plane, the buses, the ships. That's why first thing and foremost we must know the location of this vehicles located. We must know where is the bus terminal, the airport and the port.

it’s me

Now, have you been in Southern Leyte to visit the tourists spot here? After you visited the tourists spot you want to visit next are the tourists spot in Cebu. You want to go but you have no idea because you're not from here. Now if you're somewhere in Southern Leyte and you want to go to cebu. Just use the travelfeed app because I'm telling you now where to go.

In my own experience I could tell that boarding on a ship you must do it in the port of Hilongos leyte. The ship will go to Cebu daily. There's a day trip and there's a night trip. The time that the ship depart in night time is at 10 in the evening. While the ship depart during day time is at 12 in the evening. By the way there are 2 shipping lines agency who operates in this port. I suggest that you get a ticket from Gabisan shipping lines where the ticketing office is in Hilongos leyte anf it's along the road in going to the port.

entrance of the port

You can go inside the port if you already had a ticket in boarding the ship. If you don't have ticket I'm afraid you can't stay inside because it is guarded with the security guard.

guard house

This is where you'll show your ticket if you have. If you'll ride on a boat service just for example a bus from the shopping agency. You don't need to show it because the personnel of the bus will take charge of it.

view of the port office and entrance to the ship

Every passengers who have no vehicles will use the path in the office. There you will pay the port or terminal fee for 12 pesos. There's a security guard to check your bags just to make sure you don't bring something illegal. lol But you don't need to be hassle because it won't consume a longer time.

entrance of vehicle

If you have a vehicle you will pass in this entrance but you need to pay your terminal fee in the office. The same process like checking your car or motorcycle.

inside the port

inside the port

If you arrive here early and wanted to stay outside. You're allowed to be here and it's nice here because we all know that port is huge and wide.

location of the ship

Don't worry the ship is not that far from the office. You can on board for just few steps.

motorcycle waiting area

Let's just assume you arrive here from Cebu. Don't worry there are boat service waiting for you inside but if you don't want to go out in the ship and miss the boat service. There will be motorcycle to bring you in the next town.

eatery outside the port

Yes of course there are many eatery outside the port even if it's dawn. They are ooen 24 hours and there are also many people stay awake.

I think that's it for now, I won't tell you about fares because it will change and there are different types of accommodation in the ship. That's why the fare will also not the same. Visit this post through travelfeed app so that the location will show you right away.

thank you for travelling

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