To preserve the marine environment for the future. Let's not wait that we can't no longer eat fishes or sea food's. Protect it and take care of it.

This place became a tourist spot in our town. Before the mere purpose of it was to make sure to have a place where the newly born fish won't be disturbed or won't be caught. Because of the mangroves many fishes used to lay egg's here. Also this part of the sea has an sticky sand that you can find many shell's burried.

While developing the place it became a nice place. Fishes became too many and they put a bridge where people can walk to see the unafraid fish of the people. While checking the sea under, like coral reefs, stones and many others. They captured such a pretty corals and uploaded it on Facebook. They just wanted to show the beauty under the sea. But many people want to see it by their own eyes. Then the municipal decided to allow people doing snorkelling and can use a small boat using a paddle with payment of course. You can ride a boat like this or they called it in our own dialect "sakyaw"(bisaya).

If you want to ride in this boat and just roaming around the sanctuary. There's a man in charge in paddling and they'll give you information about the sanctuary that might caught your interest.
By the way the payment per person in riding is worth of PHP 150 or $3. There's no time limit, it's up to you if you still want to float for the whole day. lol

Actually this is a rescue boat but they will use it if many people wanted to go snorkelling. It's good if it's group to do that to make it more enjoyable. This is the boat where it will take you in a pretty place under the sea. You have a tour guide also, 4 person will have 1 tour guide. You can rent a snorkeling materials and if you have no idea how to use it. They will teach you before going to the sea. Also, don't expect that you can swim everywhere in the sea. There's a certain place for snorkelling.
Payment of snorkelling per person is PHP 300 or $6.

But if you love to see fishes and just stay for fresh air while you're near in the sea. You can just go the bridge and stay in the cottage that was built above the sea level. This is not a floating cottage by the way.

That's the the place where you'll pay entrance for entering. The entrance of adult is PHP20 or $0.4 while the children's entrance is PHP10 or $0.2.

That's the concrete bridge but not done yet. The bridge ahead is made from bamboo tree but don't afraid because it won't fall.
Have some look from the distance.

The cottage where you'll stay is quite far so I can't show you to it. But anyway you have an idea how it look's like our sanctuary that became a tourist spot.

Before I forget if you want to see many fishes you should bring bread to make the fishes shows up. No need to look for them because they'll come in an area where they will eat if they'll notice people are coming. If you forgot to bring bread it's fine because there's a store here where you can buy bread, food, drinks, liquors.

Yeah, that's the canteen of this place. This is the place also if you want to know about snorkelling. That's the information area.

If you want to see the view of the sea. You can go in this tower, this is for observation the area. But it can be allowed to anyone. This is also a stock house for the materials of snorkelling.

Also, if you want to celebrate occasion here it's fine. They allowed picnic here but just don't swim in the sea. There are beverage you can buy in the store.

If you want to know this place you can see it below. I'm using the travelfeed website. They have location installed. But just to make sure, this is located in Macrohon, Southern Leyte. It's fine if you'll stop in the municipal hall to ask. They will guide you there.

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