Heeeyho Readers! Sunny days in Maribor gifting a good warmth for a walk.

Since I got to London my focus has changed drastically; from cycling across Europe to survivability in a major metropolis. All the past events therefore affected the organization of my travel posts. To be quite honest, it's a bit painful to look back on the travel material I had collected during the trip, it feels as if the story had been suddenly interrupted somehow and doesn't fit on the blog anymore.

But this is my job and I don't want to waste all those memories, nor I have time in life for drama. With that in mind, I'd like to remember, throughout some photos, my stay in Maribor, a charming city in northern Slovenia.

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The Water Tower

I have to admit that I'm not the most touristic person, I never check places to go nor go to touristic centers to grab maps. I believe that the best way to discover a place is by simply walking or cycling aimlessly while finding the spots without knowing about it - it's hard to discover what they represent historicaly, but that's how it would be if I were to be walking there ages ago when technology was not part of our lifes, I would simply not know what those spots are, that's the fun.

Walking by the Drava river was surely a good start, trying to imagine the enormous importance it had and still has to the city in general and how it played an important role as a defensive point during the medievel years. Exactly there, by the river, stands what's called the Water Tower. Even though it's not as massive as some of the european castles, the charming tower was built to secure the southeast part of the Maribor city walls from the direction of the river back in the 16th century. Since then the small tower has been standing firmly and served as multiple purposes as the centuries passed by. Today the Water Tower houses a wine shop which specializes in top-quality Slovenian wines - which I obviously had no chances to taste, do'h.

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World's Oldest Vine

Speaking of wine, the first thing that comes to mind are the famous Port Wine or the Italian wines. However, Slovenia is also a powerhouse when it comes to quality wine production, in fact the city of Maribor hosts the world's oldest vine tree.

The famous tree facing the river should be also cathegorized as the world's toughest tree! It survived the furious fights between the invaders and the defenders of the city, as the Old Vine House used to be a part of the city wall. The vine was not harmed by the fires then, which occurred frequently due to wooden roof structures and straw coverings, nor by the vine lice that destroyed most of the other vines. Even though the bombardment of the Allied forces during World War II partly destroyed the Old Vine House, this resilient plant survived unscathed.

The 400 year old vine still produces grapes, that are turned into wine every year!


Walking by the Drava

During my stay in Maribor my favourite activity was walking by the river, as the city center is packed with insane tourists and the visual polution doesn't really help when we want to have an immersive experience amdst historical buildings. Luckly I was gifted with beautiful sunny days to recharge energies for the next cycling trips.


The Sunset

By the river, away from the chaotic city center, was how I planned to enjoy the sunset, patiently waiting to see which colors it would highlight. Do you get to contemplate this if you stick to the touristic center of a city?


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I may not have the best trip advices for those wanting to go to Maribor, nor I'm showing the most touristic spots. What I want to show on this post is that traveling is not about being a tourist, it's about being a wanderer. Once we open ourselves to contemplate our own presence in foreign places, we realise that the surroundings don't really matter. There's nothing wrong about visiting touristic attractions, but what do we learn if we stick to that? A bunch of photos? What if we move outside of the comercial crazyness around those attractions?

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